The Lindsay Advocate is an online news magazine for Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, focused on the social and economic wellness of the town. While we cover most aspects of community life, we have a particular interest in poverty reduction.

We advocate for a community of prosperity, both economic and social, where all citizens can reach their full potential. We believe that’s best achieved through the power of government and the power of small businesses working together.

From the fall of 2017 through to the fall of 2020, Lindsay will undergo an important social and economic experiment. For the next three years about 10 percent of Lindsay’s population will receive a basic income guarantee from the Province of Ontario.

With that number of people getting an additional hand up out of poverty, the Province is betting there will be important and positive community level changes because of this. We think that’s the case, too – and we want to be there to find out.

We believe that businesses in Lindsay are critical community partners to the town’s economic and social success. We pledge to cultivate a good working relationship with our small businesses and to actively seek their input in future stories.

The Lindsay Advocate is a work in progress because we are open to community needs. If you have an idea or viewpoint to share with us, please use our Contact page to reach us.

Lindsay, Ontario

Roderick Benns

Publisher and Writer-at-Large

Roderick was raised in the east end of Lindsay, attending several area schools, including Queen Victoria, Central Senior, and I.E. Weldon Secondary School.

In the mid-1990s he was a journalist for Lindsay This Week (as it was called then) capturing a first place national newspaper award through the Canadian Community of Newspapers Association (CCNA).

His career includes magazine editor, online correspondent, and nine years as senior writer for the Student Achievement Division at the Ministry of Education in Toronto. His work has been published in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and National Post.

For several years he has turned his attention to public policy, advocating for a basic income for all Canadians.

He started The Lindsay Advocate to shed a light on important issues, to advocate for the social and economic wellness of Lindsay, and to improve community life in his hometown.


Trevor Hutchinson


A graduate of the University of Toronto, Trevor Hutchinson is a songwriter, writer and construction worker and is a Board member of Kawartha Lakes Food Source. He lives with his fiancee and their five kids in Glenarm, within Kawartha Lakes.