Your thoughts on the vaccine passport

By Geoff Coleman

Scott and Pam Carleton of Rosedale.

We asked Kawartha Lakes residents how they felt about having to show proof of vaccination to enter some Ontario businesses and services. 

Eric Hall (Norland) With a passport there is no choice but to get the vaccines or do without. They will need to come up with a system for on-the-spot testing for the unvaccinated that is non-invasive to keep everything fair for everyone. 

Kristina Bartlett (Fenelon Falls) I’m fine with it. It’s the same as having that yellow card for the kids when they were in school. It can go right on there. You are going to need something if you want to travel, so why not get ahead of it? 

David Perry (Coboconk) – Sign me up for a protest! 

Tom Wood (North Verulam) – If people choose not to be vaccinated, they are not just putting themselves at risk, they are a vector for the continued spread of the virus to others — not to mention the added burden on the health-care system. I’m definitely in favour of a vaccine passport (to) put pressure on the vaccine-hesitant to quit listening to conspiracy theories and get the vaccine.  

Nikki Judson (Kinmount) – I think the mandating of a vaccine passport or app has jeopardized our civil rights. This would have been less concerning if the handling of COVID had been consistent from the get-go. I feel the frequent message changes contribute to uncertainty and fear among people. 

Scott and Pam Carleton (Rosedale/Los Angeles) – As much as we hate to have others dictate how we manage our lives, this is a global pandemic and we should all be looking beyond the politics. The worst part of this is that these discussions are creating a deeper divide in society. All of that being said, if a vaccine passport puts others at ease for travel or social interaction, we are all for it.

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