Your own network might be your best friend for job seeking

By Carol Timlin

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So, your resume is done, you have a realistic job goal and you are ready to begin your job search. Now what do you do? Many people start by checking online job boards and newspaper ads.

It may be a good start but not always the most effective or time efficient. Remember that the more time you spend on your job search the more successful you will be.

One of our most successful tips for job search is to use your networking skills. After making a list of the companies you would like to work for start a list of all the people you know who can help you. Does your neighbour work for a company you have on your list?

Do you have a family member who has worked in your field of choice or know someone who does? Go through your list and talk with each person letting them know you are looking for work and that they can help you. It doesn’t mean they have to make a personal endorsement it may just mean notifying you when the company is getting ready to hire.

Employees often know when the company is busy or has new orders and will be looking for more personnel. Getting your resume into the company prior to a job ad appearing is key.

Better yet try to get some face time with the person who does the hiring. In a recent local study VCCS found out that many employers like having a resume delivered in person.

Don’t forget that VCCS has employment counsellors that can help you plan an effective job search. Our services are free so why not take advantage of our over 30 years of local expertise.

It may be just the start you need to land that perfect job.

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