Young people living at home eligible for basic income, no matter parental income

By Roderick Benns

With only one business day left to sign up for basic income in Lindsay, many families don’t realize that young adults living at home can apply for basic income – even if parental income is high.

Lorrie Polito, executive director of A Place Called Home, says young people living at home who are 18-years of age and up “are definitely eligible as long as they meet the requirements such as living in the Lindsay (K9V) area for the past 12 months and do not meet the annual income threshold of $34,000.”

Polito says it’s one of the most overlooked groups in Lindsay who may be eligible.

“It is a group that appears to be largely over-looked for some reason with many feeling that if they are living at home, with a parent, or parents, that they are not eligible,” she says.

Polito says it’s a good idea for a number of reasons.

“I do think it’s a good idea, especially for those who are having trouble finding employment or are working in part-time jobs that don’t give them the ability to move forward with their lives,” explains Polito.

Polito also notes that many in this age group are post-secondary school graduates who cannot find work in their chosen field.

“Basic income for this group can take a lot of pressure off of parents and give the recipient the ability to make plans for the future without having a large financial barrier,” she says.

“Basic Income could provide them more options.”

Signing up for Basic Income

Potential basic income recipients must live in Lindsay and have been living there for at least the past 12 months. As well, people must be:

  • 18 to 64 years old (for the entire duration of the three-year study)
  • living on a low income (under $34,000 per year if you’re single or under $48,000 per year if you’re a couple)

The government pilot wants to test how a basic income might help people living on low incomes better meet their basic needs, while hoping to see improvements in:

  • food security
  • stress and anxiety
  • mental health
  • health and healthcare usage
  • housing stability
  • education and training
  • employment and labour market participation

To sign up for basic income, apply by email (), phone (1-844-217-4516) or just visit the Ontario Basic Income Pilot website and register for an in-person session. Anyone who is eligible and needs basic income will get it, if they apply. However, the deadline is April 16.

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