Y Drive offers alternative to local cab companies

Business Upfront

By Lindsay Advocate

David Joyce is Y Drive's Canadian recruitment manager and managing partner of Y Drive Eats.

After an earlier soft launch, Y Drive is motoring into the Lindsay market.

Y Drive currently operates in five Canadian cities – supplying some 1,000 rides a day via its network of 80 drivers – and is planning to expand. All drivers operating under the Y Drive banner have undergone criminal background checks, and their vehicles have had safety inspections.

In addition to its rideshare services, the business offers food delivery through its Y Drive Eats. “We created a delivery system that allows our restaurant partners to collect every cent of their in-house menu costs and offer human led service that the others simply cannot match,” says Y Drive recruitment manager David Joyce.

“We have brought this model for both rideshare and food delivery to Lindsay and seeing as it is my hometown, I come with an extra passion to share our services with this great community.”

To learn more about Y Drive, call (705) 304-4800 or check out the app on Google Play.

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