X-Ray continues to define care for past century

By Lindsay Advocate

One hundred years ago, the Ross Memorial’s founding donor purchased X–Ray equipment so the hospital could continue to provide the very highest standard of care for the community he once called home. Today, X-Ray technology is still defining care.

“As the Ross Memorial Hospital’s Chief of Radiology, I know that X-Ray technology is the modality of choice to diagnose cardiac failure, pneumonia and traumatic injuries such as broken bones,” said Dr. Paul Wilson. “More than 100 X-Ray examinations occur at the Ross Memorial every single day. X-Ray imaging is so important to our patients’ diagnosis and treatment, it’s available 24/7, 365 days a year.”

The Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation is pleased to work with Dr. Wilson to launch the 2018 Spring Appeal to help raise funds to replace aging X-Ray machines with more advanced technology. Work is also underway to meet the layout of the X-Ray department so equipment can easily be re-positioned to meet patients’ needs, and to improve accessibility.

“Dr. Wilson’s letter will be mailed to every household in the City of Kawartha Lakes so that everyone will have an opportunity to define care at Ross Memorial,” said Brian Kelsey, Chair of the RMHF Board of Directors. “The Hospital doesn’t receive government funding to replace medical equipment, so we’re counting on the generosity of our community to help us keep this time-tested equipment available around the clock.”

“When we were researching what year the Ross Memorial acquired its first X-Ray machine, we discovered that it was James Ross who made that important purchase 100 years ago,” said Erin Coons, RMHF Executive Director. “That discovery really emphasizes the impact donors make—and have always made—on patient care.”

(Pictured above: Dr. Paul Wilson, Erin Coons, Brian Kelsey.)

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