Women’s Resources needs help to ‘Open The Door’

By Lindsay Advocate

Women's Resources' new Second Stage Housing facility in Lindsay has six rent-geared-to-income units.

Jane Chapman, chair of the board for Women’s Resources, is asking for help from the community to complete the renovation on their new Second Stage Housing facility in Lindsay. Their “Open The Door” capital campaign has a goal of $500,000 with funds still to be raised.

The build includes six rent-geared-to-income units for women and their children to stay for up to two years. But it is not just an apartment, it is a program. Residents will receive counselling, education, and social skills training. The location is close to public transportation, schools, churches, grocery stores, and legal services.

“Our hope is for the apartments to be completed by the new year, but we need additional financial support from the community for this to happen, says Chapman.

Visit womensresources.ca for more information.

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