Woman recognized for volunteer work with Barbara Truax Award

By Lindsay Advocate

In 2019 Donna McInnis dedicated more than 226 hours to supporting those who feed the hungry across Kawartha Lakes. That’s the main reason why McInnis is the recipient of this year’s Barbara Truax Volunteer Award.

Over her almost nine years of volunteering at the Kawartha Lakes Food Source, McInnis has remained humble about the time and efforts she has dedicated to all aspects of operations.

According to a media release from Food Source, she jumps in to fill roles whenever we need; be it sorting donations, conducting pickups, participating in food drives, gardening, cooking meals and even weeding our patio stones to make sure our entrance is clean and inviting. This year she also was able to secure seedlings for local gardens through the Horticultural Society.

No matter what role she is in, McInnis carries herself as a leader, demonstrating patience and kindness with new volunteers. Her presence is one that is warm and welcoming, says Food Source.

The Barbara Truax Volunteer Award was established in 2017 and is awarded each year to a volunteer of the Kawartha Lakes Food Source who: has been an active volunteer for more than three years; is a positive force within the community; and is committed to the cause.

The award honors the contributions, dedication, and positive energy of one of our longest serving volunteers, Barbara Truax.

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