Without physical currency, how can we help everyone?

By Lindsay Advocate

We are witness to a deplorable worldwide condition that is not lessening.

First, begging is as prevalent as ever, but COVID has changed the way commerce is conducted. Most people do not carry money in the form of paper money or coins.

How does one help a street person, not having real money? The best way would be to ask the person if you could buy a meal for the individual by using your credit card.

The following idea is being used in New York City (as observed by my son on a recent trip there). Restaurants have set up critter-proof cabinets outside their premises, stocked with non-perishables for the less fortunate to take as needed.

But Canada is so overburdened with regulatory processes we probably could not put that idea into place because of our health authorities, regardless of it being an idea worth considering.

–J.R. Baldwin, Omemee

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