Why is the Bobcaygeon Library moving?

By Lindsay Advocate

Once again here is someone absolutely dumbfounded that plans are still in place to move our wonderful old library to the service centre. Beside the point that I do not know of anyone who wants this to be done, the cost of such a move will be enormous. 

Apparently, wheelchair access was one of the reasons for the move but surely there is someone who could come up with a plan to make our library more wheelchair friendly.

The major discussions in The Lindsay Advocate this month are about how the city is in an unfavourable financial position. Here is an opportunity for council to make the sensibly democratic decision and shelve this plan to move our library and in making this choice save a whole lot of money.

Caroline Currer, Bobcaygeon


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  1. Edward Reid says:

    Build a ramp there is a ramp in

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