Volunteering a good job search activity

By Carol Timlin

With the holidays approaching thoughts turn to giving and spending time with loved ones.  You might think about donating some time to a worthy cause.

But did you know that volunteering is also a good job search activity?

Volunteering is a great way to add current experience to your resume or show your commitment to the community.  There are lots of charities and non-profit agencies in our community looking for extra help, not only this time of year but all year round.

Do you have a favourite cause or are you interested in a specific type of work experience? For example, if you would like a receptionist position but have no current experience look for an organization that takes in volunteers to staff the front desk or answer phones.

Often these are smaller agencies without the staff to do these jobs. Be honest with the organization you are approaching and let them know your objectives. It could be short term or turn into a weekly or monthly event.

Chances are they will be happy for whatever extra time you have until you land that new job. And as a bonus you get to add that experience to your resume. You might even get an employer reference or reference letter to add to your portfolio.

Volunteering can have many rewards and is a great way to build new skills. You get to learn new things and meet new people. Best yet, you get to feel good.

Keeping positive and staying motivated during your job search is key.

VCCS Employment Services has volunteer opportunities too. We are currently seeking mentors to work with our youth. A mentoring package is available by contacting our office.

Merry Christmas and Happy Volunteering from the staff of VCCS Employment Services.

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