Virtual workshops available for artists and artisans

By Lindsay Advocate

Pinnguaq is presenting “Painting Your Digital Landscape: Digital Promotion for Artists and Artisans,” a new series of four virtual workshops, aimed at enhancing know-how in mobile photography, graphic design with Canva, social media promotion and website building on WordPress.

This collaborative educational opportunity offers Kawartha Lakes Arts Council members a boost in their digital skills, according to a media release.

As a new community partner of the Kawartha Lakes Arts Council, Pinnguaq Association is committed to support the arts council and its members with tools, training and learning in their field of specialty – everything digital. Their mission is to incorporate science, technology, engineering, arts and math, otherwise known as STEAM into unique learning applications that promote storytelling, health, wellness, growth, as well as the arts.

Since the launch of the arts council’s digital strategy (with the help of federal funding and new KLAC community partner engagement), KLAC has a stronger and more consistent presence on social media platforms with dedicated messaging and features of artist profiles and news items.

In addition, KLAC now has an online marketplace on which artists are showcasing their art and selling to a broad audience. The new partnership with Pinnguaq is providing a collaboration in training workshops designed to challenge artists to think outside the box when promoting themselves.

The virtual workshop leaders have a great deal of experience As project leader, Steve Blair brings years of experience in coding, digital skills and new media adapted for all ages, as well as a passion for combining art and technology.

As project facilitator, Mary McDonald brings excitement to participatory media/digital arts projects, always believing in the potential for creative technologies to inspire individuals and connect communities. This workshop series will inspire new ways to learn and further succeed, whether it’s applying for a grant or selling artwork to buyers around the world.

Although this training opportunity is being offered exclusively to Kawartha Lakes Arts Council members, space permitting, non-member artists and artisans in Kawartha Lakes are encouraged to register. For the low cost of a membership, aspiring artists and artisans can benefit from unique training opportunity in digital promotion.

More information on the digital workshops and how to register is available on the KLAC website –

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