Victoria Quilts needs your help to help others

By Lindsay Advocate

Victoria’s Quilts, CKL branch needs your help.  They are fundraising to continue their work of providing free handmade quilts to cancer patients of all ages, “to support them in warmth and thoughts as they continue their treatments.”

Plan to attend the Margarita Mama Jewellery Event. You will find unique, affordable sterling silver and precious stone pieces, held Wednesday, November 6, 2-6 pm, Cambridge United Church, Lindsay.

“We do not receive ongoing funds, therefore donations and fundraising efforts are our sources of income. We then can purchase the fabric and supplies required to produce and distribute 25-30 quilts monthly, with each costing approximately $50-$75.”

Approximately 30 industrious and creative women meet monthly at Cambridge United Church, according to the press release. Everyone contributes in one way or another: sewing, cutting, ironing, washing, sizing, binding, quilting and/or organizing.

One can request a quilt through the National Office of Victoria’s  Quilts.  The CKL branch will deliver this gift.

For more information about Victoria’s Quilts CKL please contact Eleanor Plewes, 705-324-9589.

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  1. Darlene Cornell says:

    Good morning. I read you are in need of hangers. I have some.
    Where can I drop them off?
    I will be in Lindsay next Tuesday.
    Thank you

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