Trease: First legal cannabis dispensary opens in Bobcaygeon

By Lindsay Advocate

Trease, the first legal cannabis dispensary in Bobcaygeon, has opened.

Priding itself on community and collaboration they have already made strong connections with other local businesses, according to a media release.

Abe Navarro, CEO of Trease, followed through on his life long aspirations to open a dispensary should cannabis ever become legal. The Trease store is “designed to make you feel at ease,” according to the media release. In fact, that’s where the name was born.

At Trease, ease is the “root” word of their mission.

“We believe in ease of access, ease of use, ease of life,” says Navarro. “This is at the heart of our core values. We intend to inject ease into everything we do. We embrace the pace and lifestyles of the communities we service.”

Their flagship location has grass, clotheslines docks and trees, to create the feeling of being outside when you’re inside the store.

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  1. i live there and that is some great news

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