The Laird of Lindsay & The Mayor of Gabtown: Olde Gaol Museum

By Ian McKechnie

In 2020, the Victoria County Historical Society is marking the 125th birthdays of two well-known local residents: Leslie Frost (1895-1973) and Stanley Dayton (1895-1990).

Both gentlemen could not have been more different.  One became a successful lawyer and eventually the Premier of Ontario, later becoming known as “The Laird of Lindsay”; the other remained in Mariposa Township for his entire life, working as the Little Britain correspondent for the Lindsay Daily Post and acquiring the nickname, “The Mayor of Gabtown” for his lifelong presence in the crossroads community just north of Little Britain.

Both, however, were the products of small-town, Old Ontario — an identity that has changed dramatically over time in terms of how we communicate and interact with each other.

The Olde Gaol Museum is inviting residents to share their memories of both Mr. Frost and Mr. Dayton for an exhibit called “The Laird of Lindsay & The Mayor of Gabtown.”

Opening in January of 2020, this exhibit will offer a retrospective look at Old Ontario as seen through the eyes of Leslie Frost and Stanley Dayton and the people who remember them.

Anyone wishing to share a memory can contact Ian McKechnie at (705) 324-3404 or by email at .

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