‘The Hunt for the Jewel of the Kawarthas’ in Fenelon Falls

By Lindsay Advocate

The Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce (FFDCC) is excited to announce the upcoming launch of an immersive mystery adventure, The Hunt for the Jewel of the Kawarthas, available from July 6 until Sept. 1.

This unique event is completely free to participate in and promises fun for families and participants of all age groups. The adventure begins at the Tourist Information Centre located at 15 Oak Street in Fenelon Falls, where participants can obtain their adventurer’s kit and their first clue. The mystery will lead adventurers to discover and learn more about our history, notable landmarks, and local businesses.

A prize will be given to those that solve the mystery, and adventurers are encouraged to use #FFMysteryAdventure on social media to share pictures and highlights from their adventures across town.

Marylee Boston, the Manager for the Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce, shares, “The Mystery Adventure is a great way to learn about the history of Fenelon Falls while enjoying time with family and friends of all ages. Visitors and locals are bound to learn something new about our little village.”

For more information about The Hunt for the Jewel of the Kawarthas, contact the FFDCC by emailing   or by calling (705) 887-3409.

*Photo: Geoff Coleman

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