The Comedy of Errors and Million Dollard Quartet at The Grove Theatre in Fenelon Falls

By Lindsay Advocate

The Grove Theatre in Fenelon Falls is proud to announce its exciting lineup of mainstage productions for the upcoming season. Presenting “The Comedy of Errors” and “Million Dollar Quartet,” The Grove aims to provide a festival-like experience for theatregoers, offering two completely different shows in repertory.

The productions feature a talented ensemble of 9 actors, 2 musicians and 12 members of production, bringing together individuals from across Canada. With all cast and production members relocating to Fenelon Falls for the summer, The Grove is excited for their temporary addition to the local arts community, as well as the ability to show off this cast in full-time programming.

“The Comedy of Errors” is a classic comedic Shakespeare play that has been given a unique twist. Set in the vibrant and festive atmosphere of 1930s New Orleans during Mardi Gras, this production captures the essence of the era with its amazing costumes, music, and Southern charm. Audiences can expect delightful songs and dance numbers accompanied by New Orleans jazz, creating a fun and playful atmosphere. With two sets of twins causing all sorts of hilarious shenanigans, this production promises a fast-paced, silly and heartwarming experience for the whole family.

“Million Dollar Quartet” is a thrilling musical that tells the true story of a momentous recording session featuring iconic rock stars Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Set in the early stages of their careers, this show offers an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the birth of rock and roll. Audiences will be treated to a captivating jam session, as these legendary musicians come together to perform their iconic songs. The production features high-energy performances and an exceptional cast that captures the spirit and charisma of these influential artists.

Undertaking repertory shows is a significant step forward for the Grove Theatre, as it allows them to offer a more extensive range of entertainment to the community. By alternating between “The Comedy of Errors” and “Million Dollar Quartet,” audience members have the opportunity to experience two different genres on different evenings. This approach brings grandeur to the theatre and provides an exciting new dimension to the cultural offerings in the area.

The Grove Theatre takes pride in bringing high-caliber performances to the region, with a cast and crew composed of professionals from across the country. The production team consists of experienced actors, musicians, designers, and crew members who are committed to delivering outstanding entertainment.

“We are thrilled to bring these exceptional productions to Fenelon Falls and showcase the talent and creativity of our artists.” said Christy Yael, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of The Grove Theatre. “Both shows have broad multigenerational appeal; whether you’re 9 or 99, you’ll enjoy it!

With a focus on professional productions, The Grove aims to engage and entertain audiences of all ages. The carefully curated repertoire of shows appeals to both theatre enthusiasts and those seeking a memorable musical experience.

After the mainstage performances end in August, The Grove will present Elvira Kurt, Julian Taylor, Bruce McCulloch and Jim Cuddy in September.

For more information about the upcoming mainstage productions at The Grove Theatre or to purchase tickets, visit or contact the Box Office.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the magic of live theatre and enjoy an unforgettable summer filled with music, laughter, and exceptional performances at The Grove Theatre.

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