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Ford undermining environmental protections, says reader

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Ford government undermines environmental protections, says reader

The Ford government is taking steps to undemocratically undermine Ontario’s environmental protections.

Ministerial Zoning Orders, a little used tool allowing the government to override protective legislation in times of emergency, has been used excessively in the last two years.

One example is the case of the Lower Duffins Creek, a provincially significant wetland which, if the Ford government gets its way, will be destroyed to accommodate a warehouse and parking lot. There has been prohibition on development in this unique wetland since 1991.

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Marsh at Colborne and Hwy 35 formed while development stalled

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Marsh at Colborne and Hwy 35 formed while development stalled

Most residents of Lindsay are well aware of the construction efforts taking place at Colborne street and highway 35. Talk of a new Walmart, along with plans for more housing is making this a hot topic.

However, it is fair to say that many people are probably unaware of the finer details of the whole matter.

When topsoil was removed from the site some 10-15 years ago, a layer of clay from beneath the ground was exposed, which allowed spring rainwater to pool and accumulate. Over time, this formed a small marsh, which has now become home to numerous species of plants and wildlife. Some of these species are plants like Asters, Reeds, Horsetails and Water Plantain. In addition, Raccoons, Muskrats and Coyotes have also chosen to call the marsh home.

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