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Cannabis cultivation, processing bylaw changes almost complete

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Kawartha Lakes council received an update on changes being made to the bylaw on property standards. These changes will allow the city to better deal with the odour and ventilation concerns that might be produced by the cultivation and processing of cannabis for sale in areas zoned residential and industrial.

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“Aging tsunami” drives paramedic plans for the future

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Province keeps municipalities guessing: Is paramedic funding down or up?
Photo courtesy of Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Service.

Consultants Todd MacDonald and John Prno gave council a first look at their 10-year master plan for the Kawartha Lakes paramedic service. Their proposed solutions are driven by demographics, and if adopted will see a considerable re-shaping of how and where the service does business from 2022-2031.

MacDonald and Prno suggested that over the next 10 years there will be “steady long-term population growth in Kawartha Lakes” and that the bulk of the growth is going to be in the population cohort above the age of 65.

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Budget breakdown: New positions, cleaner downtowns, and no mailed waste calendar

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Council will spend more money to get better maintained downtowns and public spaces. Photo: Jessica Topfer.

Every year the mayor, council and senior staff spend hundreds of hours carefully crafting a budget that aims to address the most pressing needs of citizens. This year’s budget has passed but not without some vigorous debate as the mayor, councillors, and staff broke down key decisions.

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Amalgamation 20 years later: Victoria County’s demise still rankles many rural constituents

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Amalgamation 20 years later: Decision to dissolve Victoria County still rankles many rural constituents
"Sometimes we need to focus on what we have, not what we don't," says Coun. Tracy Richardson. Photo: Erin Burrell.

It was perhaps the most divisive political debate in this area since self-government in 1863. Amalgamation — the forced bringing together of the constituent parts of the old Victoria County 20 years ago this month – is a word that still triggers much debate and tests professional relationships to this day.

The fissures still run deep, particularly amongst those over the age of 50. Many knowledgeable individuals who were there two decades ago have died, developed sudden political amnesia, or refused to become engaged in a retrospective of an issue they wish would just disappear.

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City decides against refund of 2019 surplus, will keep for reserves

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"We are faced with no funding source for community pandemic recovery."

By a unanimous vote, council endorsed a report from senior staff that recommended against the return to taxpayers of the $3 million surplus from the 2019 budget in the form of a tax rebate.

Council instead endorsed a proposal that the money be put into corporate reserves for pandemic recovery and support.

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CAO peppered with questions from councillors about city services

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Are parks getting the care they need right now? Photo: Sienna Frost.

Councillors inundated the city’s chief administrative officer, Ron Taylor, at council this week with questions on the return of city services and facilities.

Taylor was delivering his monthly state-of-emergency update but faced questions from nearly all councillors – especially about city services that are not currently being delivered to citizens at pre-pandemic levels.

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Richardson pushes for city bylaws on grow-ops

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Ward Eight councillor Tracy Richardson took centre stage this week pushing aggressively for city bylaws to be created as soon as possible to manage the burgeoning marijuana grow-op business in Kawartha Lakes.

Richardson said one of these operations is currently under construction with others being contemplated.  She shares that the city receives 2-3 calls a day from individuals looking to cultivate within city limits.

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