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Nigerian family finds local area welcoming as they seek new opportunities

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From left to right: Francis and Tobi Ogunnowo. Photo: Jamie Morris

From Lagos to Lindsay. From a city in Nigeria five times the size of Toronto to a town of some 21,000 souls. Quite a leap to jump an ocean and a continent, but Tobi and Francis Ogunnowo did so — and found welcoming arms.

Tobi and Francis, their then-seven-year-old daughter, Oreofe, and six-month-old son, Victor, arrived in Lindsay in May 2018. A week after coming to town, they started tackling the logistics of settling in.

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Benns’ Belief: We must resist the U.S. cultural assault

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One of the most irritating things I used to come across regularly in magazines was ads for U.S.-based products with fine print at the bottom that read “Canadian and foreign orders” should add “x” amount of money to cover shipping.

I was never irked at the extra cost; I was dismayed that we were listed separately from foreign orders — as if we were some Puerto Rico-like territory of the U.S.

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Letham hopes Kawartha Lakes on early re-open list from Province

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MPP Laurie Scott told Letham that considerable lobbying is going on behind the scenes.

Mayor Andy Letham says he is in favour of Ontario opening different regions at a time, depending on their situation with the COVID-19 virus.

Letham said he is fully supportive of the idea of rural re- openings with appropriate public health protocols. The mayor said he hopes that Kawartha Lakes will be included in some of the first regions that are allowed to re-open under Premier Doug Ford’s plan unveiled last Friday.

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Farm country, Canadian Shield…anything but “cottage country”

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Farm country, Canadian Shield…anything but “cottage country”

It started earlier than usual this year.

With Toronto residents looking to isolate themselves at their vacation homes, the first news stories appeared in March rather than, as is typical, in the lead-up to the May long weekend.

“Ontario cottage country deals with influx of residents amid COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Cottage country mayors urging seasonal residents to ‘stay away.’”

“Cottage country grapples with increase in visitors during COVID-19 crisis.”

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Reality check: Having things to look forward to is a privilege

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I’m a pretty positive person, and I literally give thanks every day for my good fortune during the pandemic. Most of my home-based work continues unchanged and I’m able to walk as much as I want around our home in the country northeast of Lindsay.

There’s food in the fridge, firewood for the stove, and above all, my immediate and extended family are healthy.

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Eclectic artist is glass blower, flame worker, and designer

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Artist Theresa McPherson. Photo: Timber Masterson.

It’s an eclectic body of work, constantly drawing inspiration from images in pop culture. Combine that with her satirical look at the complex nature of human relationships and you get a sense of Teresa McPherson’s art.

McPherson, a Lindsay resident, doesn’t exactly allow herself to be pigeon-holed into one particular artistic expression, saying she is a “crafts person, designer, glass blower and flame worker.”

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City’s announcement on bill paying was ‘clear and cold’

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Tax payments and utilities payments “must be received in our office on or before the due date.

On a day like yesterday (Thursday, March 19), when so many Kawartha Lakes residents were dealing with being laid off or having reduced work hours; when business owners were frantically trying to figure out next steps as many of them were closing; when families were huddled together just trying to deal with the new emotional and financial reality of social distancing and all the worries that come with it, the City of Kawartha Lakes took time to make an important announcement about COVID-19.

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Strange times: Feeling alone in self-isolation

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How long can the Virus COVID-19 stay active on a surface like metal or wood? How long can a smile last from a passerby on a downtown street in someone’s heart? How many times can I rearrange my sock drawer now that I seem to be quarantined? These are tough questions.

I now find myself with an inordinate amount of time and therefore, a wild and absurd amount of isolation has now become my friend. Everything seems to have ground to a halt.

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The Sitcom called ‘Living with Mom in Lindsay’

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The challenge has been for me to find some kind of existence...aside from the role of this Norman Bates Psycho situation.

Being a chauffeur is just one of my important jobs. There’s line cook, personal shopper, super snow-shoveller, not to mention a whole slew of Viking-like tasks and Herculean daily errands that come under the heading of “Welcome to the Mother and Son Show.”

This is life with mom.

I can’t be the only 50-something adult that is helping to look after his mother in small town Ontario. Where are you people?! We should have some kind of support group going! (Is there one? I don’t know as I’m too busy shovelling snow…)

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From homelessness in Toronto to housing in Lindsay

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Journey of homelessness, poor mental health, leaves man regretting checkered life

Canada is in the grip of an affordable housing crisis. Large municipalities like Toronto are especially hard hit with primary vacancy rates as low as 1.1%. The average cost of a one bedroom apartment has nearly doubled from $1,400 a month in 2009 to $2,400 in 2019. Many working class Torontonians are paying 60% or more of their incomes on rent — and homelessness is becoming more common as a result.

Low income people like me are even more adversely affected by the affordable housing crisis than working class people are.

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