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Council uses provincial money to reduce tax levy to 1.5 per cent  

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Mayor Andy Letham pushed for a lower tax rate using provincial money.

Kawartha Lakes council unanimously approved applying a portion of the Safe Restart pandemic funding provided by the province to reduce the tax increase for 2021 to 1.5 per cent.

Over the past eight weeks of budget deliberations, Mayor Andy Letham and council have been staring at a much larger 3.84 per cent increase in the tax levy for 2021. Council went through the budget with a fine-toothed comb in multiple February meetings and reduced the proposed levy to a 3.77 per cent increase.

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City director to bring plan forward to try and avoid large property tax increase

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"In February we will bring plans forward for potential savings in the operating budget," said Jennifer Stover, director of corporate services.

It is budget season at Kawartha Lakes. At a rare evening session on Jan. 26 council heard director of corporate services Jennifer Stover lay out a proposed 2021 operating budget of $275.6 million dollars that, without trimming, could lead to a tax rate increase in the range of 3.84 per cent for each household in the city.

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City eyes larger tax increase if budget shortfall can’t be addressed elsewhere

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Director of corporate services, Jennifer Stover.

Kawartha Lakes is currently looking at a $4.8 million shortfall in funding for their proposed 2021 operating budget.

Director of corporate services, Jennifer Stover, told council that unless something is done to reduce that shortfall, then local citizens could be looking at a 4 per cent increase in their property taxes, rather than the 3-3.5 per cent increase budgeted by the city as part of their five-and-10-year plans.

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Reduced city services show more money needed from federal partners

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At the end of July, Mayor Andy Letham warned that people were “going to notice” the service cuts that were coming. Ditching and brushing, grass-cutting and street sweeping, service centres and arenas — all  of this and maybe more affected by the pandemic.

This is utter nonsense for citizens to have to accept.

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Trevor’s Take: The two solitudes

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I was probably 13 when I realized how tourists affected my personal economy.

All these years later I can still remember the time. I was on the cliff in Fenelon Falls, steeling my nerve as I stared down the 20 feet that felt like 60. Keep Reading

City’s announcement on bill paying was ‘clear and cold’

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Tax payments and utilities payments “must be received in our office on or before the due date.

On a day like yesterday (Thursday, March 19), when so many Kawartha Lakes residents were dealing with being laid off or having reduced work hours; when business owners were frantically trying to figure out next steps as many of them were closing; when families were huddled together just trying to deal with the new emotional and financial reality of social distancing and all the worries that come with it, the City of Kawartha Lakes took time to make an important announcement about COVID-19.

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Balfour selected as People’s Party of Canada candidate for local riding

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Last month, the Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock PPC Association selected Gene Balfour, resident of Fenelon Falls, as the Peoples Party of Canada candidate for the October federal election.

Balfour is no stranger to politics, having represented libertarian parties several times in the past. According to a press release he has “authored hundreds of essays and commentaries on social media involving a range of topics including economics, immigration, cartels,property rights, labour relations, climate change, public affairs and political analysis.”

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Mayor talks ‘top 10 ways’ City is moving forward

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Images courtesy City of Kawartha Lakes.

At the recent mayoral luncheon in front of the Lindsay and District Chamber of Commerce, City of Kawartha Lakes Mayor Andy Letham laid out what he believes are the top 10 ways the City is moving forward to the assembled business leaders.

1 – Roads

“Roads are our number one issue and challenge,” says the mayor.

“We now spend $50 million a year on our 5,400 lane kilometres of road network. We spend 90 per cent more on roads than we did 10 years ago and 50 per cent more on winter control.”

Letham says 35 cents of every tax dollar brought in goes toward roads. The City of Toronto only allocates five cents of every tax dollar to roads, showing the challenge of maintaining this many roads in a single tier municipality with a small tax base.

“Roads are a challenge with the changing climate and we need to change the way we do business. Over the next few years, it will improve.”

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‘Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?’ a provocative look at ‘economic man’

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Bay Street in Toronto. Is everything subservient to the market?

Katrine Marçal blows the whistle on the founding father of our economic system, Adam Smith, in Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?

When Adam Smith proclaimed that all our actions were motivated by self-interest, he used the example of the baker and the butcher as he laid the foundations for his ‘economic man’ theory. Smith reasoned the baker and butcher didn’t give bread and meat out of kindness, which was certainly an interesting viewpoint coming from a bachelor who lived with his mother for most of his life — the same woman who cooked his dinner each night and certainly not out of self-interest.

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Almost half the money in the capital budget assigned to ‘roads and related’

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It's all about the roads in this budget.

Over half of the proposed operating budget for the City of Kawartha Lakes is directed to public works and emergency services (29 per cent for each) and another 10 per cent goes to community services. However, almost half – 49 per cent — of the capital budget is to be assigned to “roads and related.”

Council’s first major task will be setting the 2019 budget. The process will culminate in approval of a finalized 2019 operating budget on February 20.

Today the first step for council was taken: Director of Corporate Services Jennifer Stover delivered a Powerpoint “primer” to prepare councillors for their slog through the 218 page Budget and Business Plan.

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