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Worries about octoblocks grow as students, teachers deal with relentless pace

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Despite the mostly positive reports coming from senior Trillium Lakelands District School Board staff regarding octoblocks, a different narrative is emerging powered by student and teacher experiences.

Octoblocks, according to a school trustee, a union representative, and three teachers are affecting students and staff in a number of negative ways.

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The silence is deafening

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For years, these poles carried telegraph wires, which hummed with activity day and night.

I went for a long walk last Saturday to get away for a few hours from the stress of continuous COVID-19 coverage. My route took me south, along the rail trail linking Lindsay with Bethany – a journey through serene woodland and wetland waking from its winter slumber.

As I briskly walked along the muddy path, the sun piercing through the trees lining either side of the trail, I studied my surroundings and thought about two things in light of the current crisis.

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Class action lawsuit filed, seeking justice for basic income recipients

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Tracey Mechefske and Dana Bowman, plaintiffs, Mike Perry, lawyer and social worker, Roderick Benns, Lindsay Advocate publisher.

As expected, four people from Lindsay who had been receiving payments through the Ontario Basic Income Pilot have launched a proposed class action against the PC government for its premature cancellation.

The three-year OBIP began in 2017, with international eyes on it as among the most comprehensive pilots in the world, but the current government cancelled it in 2018, before gathering its own follow-up information from participants.

The applicants are Dana Bowman, Grace Marie Doyle Hillion, Susan Lindsay, and Tracey Mechefske, all from Lindsay. A statement of claim was filed today by the Toronto law firm of Cavalluzzo LLP. The firm is “dedicated to social advocacy and the protection of working people.”

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