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You have a choice: Save the Grand, reader tells new owners

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To the new owners of the Grand the citizens of Lindsay ask that you please work with owner Charlie McDonald and save our iconic restaurant.

There are few things left that reminds us of our humble beginnings.

The Grand the building and the Grand the bar are two different things to most of us.

The bar-restaurant has been here for 160 years and Charlie and his staff have made it a home away from home for over 10 years.

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Health unit updates mask use instructions as more places open

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With more businesses and services opening July 17 under Ontario’s Stage 3 reopening plan, the local health unit is updating its directives on non-medical mask use in indoor public places.

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Mackey Funeral Home buys Stoddart Funeral Home

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Mackey Funeral Home buys Stoddart Funeral Home
Mackey Funeral Home has purchased Stoddart's Funeral Home. Photo: Jennifer Boksman.

Linden Mackey, owner of the century-old Mackey Funeral Home in Lindsay has bought out Stoddart Funeral Home, Lindsay’s other venerable funeral institution.

Shain Fletcher, the sole owner of Stoddart, quietly sold his shares of the funeral home to Mackey this spring, after discussions of keeping the funeral home locally owned and operated.

The Mackey and Stoddart families had long cooperated throughout the years, with Fletcher even training at one time under James Mackey and the late Linden and Gordon Mackey, according to the Stoddart website.

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Economic Recovery Task Force focuses on simplifying city processes

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Farm country, Canadian Shield…anything but “cottage country”

The Economic Recovery Task Force held its third meeting this week, focusing on feedback it has received from working groups. It also considered options to improve processes in light of limited resources and staffing due to the pandemic.

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Five decisions you can make in the age of COVID-19

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Wearing masks in public could mean cutting transmission rates by up to 95 per cent.

Many Kawartha Lakes residents are struggling with what to do and how to behave regarding the COVID-19 pandemic now that the curve appears to be flattening.

Everywhere people turn they seem to be getting mixed messages from government and the media regarding behaviour that will keep people safe but also help their neighbour’s businesses survive to open another day.

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Billionaires equate to failed public policy

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Billionaires equate to failed public policy

As our people and small businesses hold on for their lives and livelihoods, many are looking on, wondering what happened to the grand promise of unfettered capitalism.

What happened to the promise of endless growth? Of the greatness of the free market?

The sheer inadequacy of the market to respond to this pandemic, the utter weakness of big business to pull us out of this mess is itself a master lesson in economics.

It’s also an indictment of extreme capitalism.

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Two local businesses that adapted quickly to new reality

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Burns Bulk Food owner, Dan Burns, second from left, adapted his business quickly.

Imagine that you have put years of time, effort, passion, and money into building a business. From the early years of raising capital or going the lean start-up route, through the growing pains that come with scaling from a small to medium sized business and all the new challenges that it presents.

Human resource considerations, targeted marketing campaigns, sound financial practices, and efficient operations are all challenges and obstacles that have been faced and refined on your way to becoming a larger wide-scale success.

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A people’s new economic normal

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"Cashiers and cooks and drivers are being acknowledged like we’ve never seen."

“All of my sweat, blood and tears were in my business.” In Fenelon Falls, Sandy’s well-known bakery has closed for good.

My dear friend Graham has also shuttered his senior care family business, too overwhelmed to consider what might be next for him.

We’re hearing these stories more and more. The free market is now producing 15 per cent unemployment and possible defaults on consumer debts of 50 to 70 per cent. A lot more bankruptcies and unemployment are forecast.

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Green leader says avoid more property taxes; cities need help from feds

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Green leader says avoid more property taxes; cities need help from feds

Mike Schreiner, leader of the Ontario Green Party, says municipalities will need significant financial help moving forward – and increasing property taxes is not the answer.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Advocate, Schreiner talked about how the COVID-19 virus is influencing municipalities, long term care homes, public schools and universities, and small businesses as Ontario tries to re-open carefully and cautiously.

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Family businesses supported Bobcaygeon relief fund

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British Empire Fuels was just one of many family businesses that supported the local fund.

The Bobcaygeon and Area COVID-19 Relief Fund has felt the impact of local family businesses that have created cause-related campaigns to raise funds, awareness and support for those in much need in their community, according to a press release.

The Buckeye Surf and Kawartha Lifestyle team stepped up for the relief fund. During the month of April, they ran a campaign to donate proceeds from the sale of any Hip-Town, Lake Life, or Bobcaygeon branded product. Through web-store purchases, call in orders, and contactless delivery they were able to generate sales of this signature apparel to their customers and help support a great cause.

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