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Are we masking up? Lindsay pharmacist says ‘yes’

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Just prior to the local health unit’s mandating of masks in mid-July, the grumbling seemed deafening – from consumers, but also from some business owners tasked with enforcing this new rule.

It’s not uncommon to, a few weeks into the new regulation, observe the unmasked wandering aisles in defiance – serving as fodder for the shaming soldiers of social media. But in most quarters of Kawartha Lakes, the majority of residents of Kawartha Lakes would seem to falling in line.

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Compounding: An art and science that sets RemedysRx apart

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Art and science of compounding at Remedy’sRx sets pharmacy apart
Compounding gets back to the "roots of pharmacy." Photo: Sienna Frost.

Cathy Puffer is passionate about compounding. Chances are most of us don’t really know what that means from a pharmaceutical standpoint – it’s just not one of those everyday words.

Yet compounding — the art and science of creating personalized medicine — solves many problems that patients have. And Remedy’sRx is the only pharmacy she knows of in Kawartha Lakes that offers this service.

“We can compound dosages that aren’t commercially available for patients,” Puffer says. “This is helpful in many instances. Patients trying to stop medications often find it easier to wean off rather than stopping suddenly.” She uses anti-depressants as a good example of this.

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