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Podcast Teaser: Not your average needle

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Podcast Teaser: Not your average needle
Haleigh Wallace speaks to Denis Grignon on the latest Advocate Podcast about getting her first vaccine.

It’s not a regular occurrence, but it does seem to happen more frequently lately.

The person I’m interviewing for an episode of The Advocate Podcast gets choked up, pauses to collect their thoughts, then continues with their answer.

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Podcast teaser: Adapting to adjusting in 2020

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Student minister Kevin Fitzpatrick.

We adjust. We adapt. We learn.

Granted, some of us have achieved this more than others in 2020. And some have had to do more of it than others – often not for themselves, but for those they serve.

By his own admission, Kevin Fitzpatrick is no video producer.

Or, rather, he wasn’t until recently, at least. But the student minister who serves both Janetville and Mount Horeb United Churches rose to the challenge when he realized a nicely-produced, pre-recorded video church service would be the best – and safest – way to reach his congregations this Christmas.

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Podcast Teaser: Kyte and Dwayne offer fresh take on others’ music

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Dwayne Gretzky is not your typical tribute or cover band. Photo: Arden Wray.

In that tables turned episode of The Advocate Podcast, Cambray-based musician Marc Novoselec asked me who my favourite classic rock band was. With little hesitation, I offered British progressive rock group, Yes.

It was the rapid-fire portion of the interview, so there was no need – or time – for me to elaborate on what initially drew me to Yes. Next question, please.

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Stories from Kawartha Lakes – podcast teaser    

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It’s been a few years since Denis Grignon played pick-up hockey on a regular basis.

Post Office Memories

I gasped a few days ago, driving through my old neighbourhood and past what was once Reaboro’s de-facto epicentre: the local post office, which the hamlet’s beloved matriarch, Norma Jean Sutton, operated from her kitchen for more than 50 years until her passing a few months ago.

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Schroter strums to appreciative audience – on other side of wall

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Well, so much for feeding off a live audience that’s hootin’ and hollerin’ their approval in front of you.

But the absence of a crowd – well, a crowd that you can actually see – doesn’t deter local musician Craig Schroter. He just keeps on strumming, happily and enthusiastically, delivering old-time country and light pop songs of yesteryear – towards an open window at Caressant Care’s Mary Street location in Lindsay.

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Kawartha Lakes’ only news magazine podcast reaches milestone episode

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Host and producer Denis Grignon chats with Marc Novoselec about his new CD, which he produced from his home in Cambray.

So many come. So many go.

Disappearing into an internet ether of cat videos, how-to YouTube tutorials and incendiary, meandering blogs.

But with its 12th episode, which dropped August 1, The Advocate Podcast: Stories from Kawartha Lakes is becoming an established and “must-listen” for local residents.

Since it launched in early February the news magazine program set out to become a polished, professionally-produced and journalistically-sound show.

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New episode of The Advocate Podcast to feature interview — with a cup

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New episode of The Advocate Podcast to feature interview -- with a cup

Podcast producer and host Denis Grignon has drawn on his 30-plus years as a journalist to conduct an interview…with a discarded Styrofoam cup.

It’s a unique interview, to be sure. “And, likely, the first of its kind,” boasts the Dunsford-area resident, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, before adding that he also drew on his training as a professional standup comic and sketch writer.

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Local news more essential than ever: A message from the publisher

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As journalists, we tend to see our community in stories.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re more aware than ever that our community has amazing stories worth sharing.

There’s the story of our front line health care workers, who are the linchpins of this fight. Their courage is evident day after day as they put others’ needs first.

There’s the story of our vulnerable loved ones in long-term care and retirement homes, who hope to once again spend time with their families.

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Downeyville Hall does big time renos with legacy in mind

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Mary Connell (L) and Karen Cook (R) are part of the team responsible for the major renovations to the historic Downeyville Hall.

On paper, it made fiscal sense to tear down the historic Downeyville Hall and start anew from the ground up.

Indeed, even a cursory budget would have shown it was the wiser option, compared to undertaking a monumental, and more costly, renovation.

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Debut of Advocate podcast generates (down) loads of positive feedback

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Advocate publisher Roderick Benns admits he was a bit tentative the night before his news site’s newest venture – The Advocate Podcast: Stories from Kawartha Lakes – launched February 15.

“We’d had many meetings, a lot of back-and-forth, and more than a few phone calls about the content, the direction and tone of the podcast,” he says. “But, really, you can only do so much of that. Eventually, you just have to put it out there, take a breath, and let the audience respond.”

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