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City to consider CHEST fund money for local charities

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When the town of Lindsay sold their hydro-electric company decades ago to Ontario Hydro there was a decision made that the money made from that sale should be invested for the benefit of the community.

Town council made a decision that every year a portion of that investment plus interest would be doled out to assist worthy groups planning capital projects of significance that would benefit residents of Lindsay proper.

In the many years since that wise investment was made, millions of dollars have been distributed to assist community based organizations that provide programs, projects, services or activities that enhance the quality of life for residents in the areas of health, arts, culture, leisure, heritage, education and the environment.

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Neighbourhood near St. Mary’s Church, Old Mill could be heritage district

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Emily Turner, economic development officer responsible for Heritage Planning, made a presentation to council regarding a heritage conservation district study that would encompass an area of Lindsay from the Old Mill all the way south to  include most of the neighbourhood surrounding St. Mary’s Church in Lindsay.

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Letham speculates how Kawartha Lakes may re-open

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Mayor hints that limiting arena openings might be path for council to save money

Kawartha Lakes mayor, Andy Letham, says the discussion about the COVID-19 pandemic is “no longer what we are shutting down, but instead how things can be opened responsibly.”

Businesses like drive-ins and golf courses could perhaps re-open soon, says the mayor, once the weather improves and the state of emergency has been lifted.

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