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Democracy: Go do what much of the world wishes it could do

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L to R: Andrea Horvath, NDP leader, Doug Ford, PC leader, Mike Schreiner, Green Party leader, Kathleen Wynne, Liberal leader.

Voting, like almost everything else that takes time and effort, is very easy to talk yourself out of doing.

The most persuasive and pervasive justification of abstinence from the democratic process is the belief that a single vote means very little. My vote, your vote, and your mom’s vote likely won’t change an election.

Thankfully, however, I am young. I haven’t been around long enough for political cynicism to take root.

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Universal dental care and pharmacare part of NDP pledge

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Three community groups — The Access to Permanent Housing Committee, the Kawartha Lakes Food Coalition and the Haliburton County FoodNet – posed questions on poverty, housing, and food insecurity to candidates in Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock running for office in this provincial election. In this installment, we hear from NDP candidate, Zac Miller. 

What will your party do to increase and maintain access to affordable, safe housing, in addition to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Canada-Ontario Investment in Affordable Housing Agreement?

Miller: The NDP will sign onto the National Housing Strategy and over a 10 year commitment, build 65,000 new affordable housing units. We will build 30,000 supportive housing units with an immediate investment of $1.4 billion to build 12,000 within our first mandate. New Democrats will also fund the province’s one-third share of the costs of social housing repairs.

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What’s true and what’s not? Stay informed in the era of fake news

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Know what you're reading and if there is an agenda behind it.

Before Donald Trump co-opted the term, ‘fake news’ used to mean something. We are surrounded by more information and disinformation than ever before in the history of our species and as the writ drops on the 2018 Ontario election it will require us, as citizens of this democracy, to work harder than ever to identify bias and real sources of ‘fake news.’

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