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First annual Scarecrow Festival coming to Omemee

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If Kelly Hiscock, Co-President of the Omemee Blooms Garden Club, has her way Omemee just might become the scarecrow capital of central Ontario over the next few weeks.

“In August, following a garden clean-up with volunteers in The Omemee and District Horticultual Society, a few of us went over to (Mickael’s) Bakery for lunch,” Hiscock said.

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Fireworks specialist and balloon artist’s optimism can’t be burst

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Is there a worse career choice during a pandemic than fireworks specialist and balloon artist?

Matthew Hutchinson, from a third-generation Omemee farm family, is not deterred. Matthew operates The Ballooning Company and Supernova Fireworks and has long been an enthusiast of art with a twist and a flash.

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‘Someone’s grandfather and everyone’s neighbour:’ Librarian Bill Scholey

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During the pandemic our library system has sustained us with all its digital offerings: ebooks, audiobooks and downloadable video and music.

And to keep us engaged with the world outside our walls it’s even provided “Home for Coronovirus — Virtual Learning and Activities,” a curated set of links for kids and adults.

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Podcast Teaser: After lots of walking, just let sleeping dogs lie

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Julie Corlett with her English pointers and bearded collies at her home near Omemee. Photo: David Kempster.

So, there was this really funny post on Facebook, recently of a small dog passed out on the couch. “We walked the dog so much,” comedian Scott Faulconbridge’s caption read. “I think we broke it.”

To be sure, a dog’s life and its usual routine have, like all of us, also been turned upside down since shut-downs due to COVID-19 have forced their owners to be home 24/7. Keep Reading

Indian French bakers: Mickaël’s husband-wife team embrace their role and new country

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Priya Gupta and Amrish Kumar Goyal were fast learners when it came to French baking.

In a modest way, Mickaël Durand has changed our lives. From Mickaël’s Cafe Librairie has come a steady supply of crusty baguettes, loaves of every description, buttery croissants, velvety crème brûlées, and more. The operation grew to include 10 markets last summer and added a successful outpost in Omemee. Here in the Kawarthas we can experience all Mickaël and his brother offer in their two boulangeries in France.

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All-female economic development department moves Kawartha Lakes forward

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All-female economic development department moves Kawartha Lakes forward
Rebecca Mustard, Carlie Arbour, Kelly Maloney, Lindsey Schoenmakers, Laurie McCarthy.

Just inside the doors of the city’s economic development department is a cluster of framed photos depicting the nine people who work there.

It’s conspicuous not just because the photos are an unexpected touch for a department that some might assume would be a little rigid and dry (just how exciting could “economic development” really be?) but rather because since 2018 there hasn’t been a single man to be seen on that wall.

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Brioche and books: How Omemee keeps getting cooler

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Mickaël Durand. Photo: Geoff Coleman.

For many people, Omemee will always be the coolest place in the Kawarthas simply on the alone of Neil Young having lived there at one time. But today, there are new reasons to like the little village that too many of us just breeze through on the way to Peterborough. One of the best is a unique union of books and brioche on the main street.

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Bienvenue à . . . Omemee?! Mickaël’s Café expands          

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Mickaël Durand is now open for business in Omemee. Photo: Devin Cross.

It’s been three years since Breton baker and entrepreneur Mickaël Durand opened Mickaël’s Cafe Librairie, Lindsay’s first — and still only — boulangerie, tapping into the town’s previously unsuspected appetite for croissants, brioche, sourdough breads, and baguettes.

The growth has been formidable: more selection (everything from bagels and German pretzels to Norwegian bread), expanded hours (8 am to 5 pm daily), a staff that has grown from three to 15, increased availability (including stalls at no fewer than eight farmer’s markets in a region that stretches from Sutton to Peterborough and Stanhope to Uxbridge), and the option of online ordering of the most popular items for pick-up.

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Seniors step up when it comes to community involvement

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United Way unveils large scale community garden project
Seniors volunteer in many ways, including at the community gardens, on service clubs, and at non-profits.

While the best outcome for any community is to have the perfect balance of younger, middle-aged, and senior population, there’s no denying how important the senior demographic has become to the Kawartha Lakes area.

In fact, according to the 2016 census data more than 34 per cent of our City’s population is over the age of 60, much greater than the provincial median.

Rebecca Mustard is manager of economic development for the City. She says seniors “are incredibly important to communities.”

“From an economic standpoint, they contribute in many ways including purchasing goods and services from the community,” Mustard says.

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Kawartha Lakes capitalizes on grant opportunities

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A downtown Omemee reconstruction project has been submitted. Photo: Erin Smith.

At the last Special Council meeting, Adam Found, Manager of Corporate Assets, reviewed the new capital grant opportunities that the municipality has submitted applications for, including the following:

Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program

Rural and Northern Municipalities Stream – This is a competitive program targeted toward roads and bridges to strengthen Canada’s transportation networks. Federal and Provincial governments will fund up to 83% of eligible capital project cost subject to a $5 million cap. The Colborne St. Bridge and Colborne St. West reconstruction project scheduled for 2020-2024 has been submitted. The bridge location was approved by Council in 2015 following several studies.

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