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Remembering the last mayor of Lindsay and the first of Kawartha Lakes

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Former Mayor of Lindsay, Art Truax
Former Mayor of Lindsay, Art Truax

Among the favourite wintertime activities enjoyed by any youngster living north of Colborne Street in Lindsay is tobogganing on the hill in Mayor James Flynn Park. So named in honour of the town’s 46th  mayor, it is home to the “Mayor’s Walk” — a circuitous path along which some 50 trees have been planted, one in honour of each mayor who served the Town of Lindsay. The path begins with Robert Lang, who called the first council meeting to order in 1857. It ends with Art Truax.

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Police Chief Mark Mitchell reminds people of obligations under stay-at-home order

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KLPS Chief Mark Mitchell. Photo: Erin Burrell.

Kawartha Lakes Police Chief Mark Mitchell is asking that people comply with the Province’s stay-at-home order as much as possible due to the ongoing pandemic — but police will not randomly ask people for personal details.

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Downtown reconstruction: Lindsay accelerates plans given stay-at-home order

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The first section of Kent Street, from William Street to Cambridge Street, has now begun. Photo: Roderick Benns.

Residents can expect to see a further extension of Kent Street being blocked off beginning this week for phase three of the Downtown Lindsay Reconstruction project — well ahead of schedule.

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Councillor wants city to establish PPE production to see return of manufacturing jobs

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Councillor wants city to establish PPE production to see return of manufacturing jobs

If Councillor Ron Ashmore has his way Kawartha Lakes could one day be a manufacturing hub for PPE, therapeutics, and vaccines.

A majority of council, at the committee of the whole meeting on Jan. 12, recommended a written proposal from the Ward Six councillor to investigate attracting medical manufacturers with hopes of reducing the area’s concerning 9 per cent unemployment rate.

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Private hotel rooms for homeless shelter clients make it difficult to ‘move people along’

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Some of the people who find themselves homeless — and at the doors of A Place Called Home in Lindsay — are not wanting to move along quite as fast these days.

Given the shortage of available affordable housing, the new place they secure with APCH’s help is often just a room at a boarding house. Now, though, with APCH working primarily out of the Knight’s Inn in Lindsay, each person is assigned their own hotel room – a level of privacy that many don’t want to give up, according to executive director David Tilley.

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The king of instruments: Pipe organs offer connection, celebration

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Among the many cancellations wrought by the coronavirus on the arts and culture scene this year are the annual Christmas concerts, meaning that many of the magnificent pipe organs which lead festive carol sings in our area will be silent for the remainder of 2020.

One needn’t be a churchgoer to be captivated by the pipe organ. Over the centuries, it has serenaded bridal parties, accompanied silent films and warmed the hearts of concert-goers the world over. In lieu of hearing them in person this Christmas, I invite you to join me in this story as we embark on an “organ crawl” across Kawartha Lakes — discovering the history and character of these marvellous musical instruments, which in many cases have been operating for more than a century.

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Christmas wish: Now, more than ever, your community needs you to shop local

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Now, more than ever, your community needs you to shop local

As the holiday season approaches, there’s no doubt that the usual festivities in every facet of our lives will look somewhat different this year.

For Downtown Lindsay, community events have two benefits – fostering community spirit, and supporting our downtown businesses by encouraging holiday shopping and dining. The fear is that without the gathering events, that the traffic into our small businesses will suffer.

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COVID-19 can’t stop service club’s annual tree sale

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The Optimist Club of Lindsay unloads its shipment of Christmas trees.

The masks tell the story – but only part of it.

Members of the Lindsay Optimist Club are committed to working within COVID’s strict rules in order to ensure a Christmas tradition continues: the local service club’s annual tree sale.

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Province tells GTA DriveTest customers to ‘avoid’ going to areas like Lindsay for tests

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DriveTest is now stating to customers in the Greater Toronto Area – where COVID infection rates are high – to avoid going to places like Lindsay, where infection rates are low. As well, City of Kawartha Lakes messaging is also asking non-local people to stay away for now.

The DriveTest notice is now on the DriveTest home page where it reads:

“Customers affected by the Grey (Lockdown) level cancellations are strongly encouraged to avoid non-essential travel and wait to reschedule their road test. Customers should avoid rescheduling their road test at DriveTest locations in Red, Orange, Yellow or Green levels.”

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Logie Park mostly Canadian — except for the Texas-made climbing web

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A made-in-U.S.A. sticker on a brand new piece of playground equipment purchased by the city for Lindsay’s Logie Street Park led to a local citizen contacting the Advocate.

The reader was concerned that the city should be prioritizing local (or at least Canadian) purchasing during this difficult time.

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