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Police see a 10 per cent increase in collisions since 2014

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Kawartha Lakes Police Service have seen a near 10 per cent increase in collisions dating back five years.

Sergeant Dave Murtha says in reviewing statistics in the latest traffic report compilation, from 2014 until 2019 the increase in total collisions over half a decade can “be attributed in part to the ever-increasing population and number of vehicles on our roads.”

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Education strike action in front of Scott’s office next Tuesday

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Local teachers are taking strike action next Tuesday, including in front of the MPP's office.

The Advocate has learned that strike action will take place in front of MPP Laurie Scott’s office on Tuesday Jan. 21 beginning at 10:30 am.

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Big year for construction, including Lindsay’s downtown, new Logie Park

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MP Schmale says low taxes, private-sector jobs the answer, not basic income

This year is going to be another big year for construction and infrastructure repair for Lindsay. Below is a snapshot from the City of Kawartha Lakes of what to expect in the coming months:

Enbridge Gas Pipeline Replacement
In order to upgrade aging infrastructure located in downtown Lindsay, Enbridge will replace the natural gas pipelines on Kent Street West starting in late January 2020.

The project scope involves replacing approximately 1.1 kilometres of natural gas main infrastructure on both sides of Kent Street, beginning at Lindsay Street South and ending at Victoria Avenue. The project is expected to last approximately eight weeks.

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‘A Great Event:’ The Lindsay winter carnival of 1912-1917

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'A Great Event:' The Lindsay winter carnival of 1912-1917
Entrants line up for a cutter race in downtown Lindsay. Photo courtesy of Kawartha Lakes Public Library.

It’s the middle of winter in Lindsay, circa 1912. A fresh blanket of snow covers the ground, glistening like freshly-ground glass whenever the sun avails itself of an opportunity to peek through the clouds. A few cutters drift by, the jingling bells on the horses bringing some much-needed merriment to the cold, bleak surroundings. A distinguished-looking gentleman mutters an audible oath as he takes a spill on some black ice — leaving his new coat covered in dirt and snow, and leaving a passing group of churchgoing women aghast at his equally filthy choice of language.

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Boys and Girls Club set to mark 50 years with slate of youth awards

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The Kawartha Lakes Youth Awards are at the centerpiece of the club's 50th year.

This year, 2020, marks the 50th anniversary of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes and to mark this important occasion, the Club is planning a year of events and activities that will honor the past, build awareness about the present, and build towards the future.

The Club was started by Ron Kennedy who spent a lifetime dedicated to working with disadvantaged and disabled youth. Kennedy’s contributions to our community were extensive, including the formation of Kawartha Youth Incorporated in 1970. While Kennedy sadly passed away in 2000, his sister, Lynda Howe, and her family are supporting the Club’s plans for the anniversary celebration. Keep Reading

Why does the City now have two deputy paramedic chiefs? City explains

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Why does the City now have two deputy paramedic chiefs? City explains

Late last week the City of Kawartha Lakes welcomed two new deputy paramedic chiefs to the Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Services team. Sara Johnston and Patricia Bromfield will begin their new roles for the municipality effective January 13.

However, why has the City hired two deputy chiefs for this position when it only had one before?

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Unwrapped: New store aims for zero waste and sustainable living

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Jenny Connell, owner of Unwrapped. The store is located at 101 Kent St., Lindsay.

For her rustic and reused-themed wedding Jenny Connell took a friend’s mother up on an offer of mismatched dishes and cutlery that otherwise sits in boxes 363 days of the year — brought out only for the annual Amnesty International and Machik dinners.

Afterwards Jenny and her husband, Sam, rolled up their sleeves, cleaned off the dishes, and before heading off on their honeymoon, returned them (along with a donation to Amnesty International).

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Two new paramedic deputy chiefs for City

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Province keeps municipalities guessing: Is paramedic funding down or up?

Beginning next week, Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Service will welcome two new Deputy Chiefs to their team. Sara Johnston and Patricia Bromfield will begin their new roles for the municipality effective January 13.

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Living clean and sober: A tale of recovery from the grip of drugs

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Living clean and sober: A tale of recovery from the grip of drugs
Timber Masterson. "Getting fully clean was the best thing I ever did for me."

Addiction to drugs runs rampant in Lindsay and towns just like Lindsay. It’s all around us — you just have to look a little.

You tell yourself that you have a handle on it, that it’s not so bad. You catch yourself looking down at that scarred arm. And those twitches you have…there was a time when they weren’t part of the package.

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The Sitcom called ‘Living with Mom in Lindsay’

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The challenge has been for me to find some kind of existence...aside from the role of this Norman Bates Psycho situation.

Being a chauffeur is just one of my important jobs. There’s line cook, personal shopper, super snow-shoveller, not to mention a whole slew of Viking-like tasks and Herculean daily errands that come under the heading of “Welcome to the Mother and Son Show.”

This is life with mom.

I can’t be the only 50-something adult that is helping to look after his mother in small town Ontario. Where are you people?! We should have some kind of support group going! (Is there one? I don’t know as I’m too busy shovelling snow…)

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