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Nigerian family finds local area welcoming as they seek new opportunities

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From left to right: Francis and Tobi Ogunnowo. Photo: Jamie Morris

From Lagos to Lindsay. From a city in Nigeria five times the size of Toronto to a town of some 21,000 souls. Quite a leap to jump an ocean and a continent, but Tobi and Francis Ogunnowo did so — and found welcoming arms.

Tobi and Francis, their then-seven-year-old daughter, Oreofe, and six-month-old son, Victor, arrived in Lindsay in May 2018. A week after coming to town, they started tackling the logistics of settling in.

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Strumbellas’s James sees coming to aid of Academy as payback to theatre

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After years of touring the world with an internationally-recognized and highly-respected band, Darryl James decided it was time to come home.

James, bass player for The Strumbellas, and wife Robyn are raising their three children in Lindsay, where he grew up.

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Benns’ Belief: Cherish our history, welcome new ways

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My best friend in my elementary school years was, to my knowledge, from the only Indian family in Lindsay — Deep Chatha. His parents owned Queensway Market and Queensway Motors, businesses that many readers will doubtless remember at Queen and St. David streets.

Deep was cool enough to have an Atari system and often after school we’d hang out at his house where we’d obliterate misshapen, pixelated asteroids.

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A minimalist life: Aube family trades work stress and possessions for experiences

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“We want to look back on life and say, ‘I can’t believe we did that,’ rather than, ‘I wish we did that.’”  Words to live by if you’re Mandy and Evan Aube.

Those are the words Mandy wrote down last October, after the Aubes sold their house (with its inground pool and double garage), their car and most of their  possessions, and moved into a three-season trailer on the Scugog River. Soon afterward, they and their three-year-old son, Emerson, departed for Costa Rica.

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Community anger growing with long wait times at LifeLabs

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“This isn’t right. I’ve seen people with canes falling over.” Photo: Roderick Benns.

Outrage over long wait times at Lindsay’s LifeLabs – the only such laboratory in Kawartha Lakes – is growing.

The Advocate has fielded several emails and calls from residents who are increasingly frustrated not only with the wait times but with the conditions of their wait. According to several people who were standing in line, chairs are not provided for those who may need a break from standing and people are forced to be outside — even in inclement weather.

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Charitable road tolls and backyard chickens: Council presentation

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Aaron Sloan, manager of municipal law enforcement for Kawartha Lakes, had charitable toll roads and chickens on his mind in a recent presentation to council.

Charitable road tolls are typically when a group of people takes over a major intersection in Lindsay and when the flow of traffic allows, solicits donations from the people waiting to drive through.

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Places of worship: Keeping the faith during COVID-19

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St. Andrew’s developed a boxed lunch ministry for those who are ordinarily served by its Community Soup Kitchen. Photo: Evan Aube.

Most of us first knew something significant was upon us on March 12 this year when Ontario’s schools were shuttered. For those who belong to communities of faith, the pandemic didn’t really hit home until a few days later, on the morning of March 15 – a Sunday.

When places of worship closed, it was generally assumed that this would be, at most, a temporary hiatus. Like those who hoped against hope that the First World War would be over by Christmas of 1914, Lindsay’s churchgoers thought that they would be back in their meeting places by at least Easter. Alas, the most important festival in the Christian year came and went, with the “Alleluias!” of Easter being confined to private homes.

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Strumbellas’ drummer steps in front of mic with new solo album

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Jeremy Drury. Photo: Mike Oksman.

After close to a decade touring with The Strumbellas, Lindsay-raised drummer Jeremy Drury is stepping out of his comfort zone and in front of the microphone to share his voice and stories.

A project years in the making, Drury shared the exclusive premier of his first single “Pour Another” with the Lindsay advocate in 2018. Since then, has found time during this world-wide downtime to finalize his debut solo album.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters presents four bands in event at Lindsay fairgrounds

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Raising money for charitable organizations is a tough job in the best of times. During a pandemic when finances are tight, it takes on a new level of difficulty for an organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kawartha Lakes–Haliburton which does not receive any government funding at all.

Fortunately, creativity is never in short supply amongst groups that rely on donations for their survival, and Janice Balfour, executive director of that organization recently announced a unique fund-raising event.

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James Barker to headline concert to Benefit Academy Theatre

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The Academy Theatre is in serious trouble, according to a media release, and the theatre is hoping  James Barker and a cadre of special guests might save it.

As with many arts and culture organizations, COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the future viability of the city’s performance hub, having left the building dark since mid-March.

With hopes of reopening slowly and with severely limited operational capacity in the spring, more than a year will have passed since closing its doors to the public. As an independent performing arts venue with no government support, the Academy Theatre’s lifeblood is in events, fundraising, and donations supported by the community.

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