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Mike Puffer a big part of our caring, supportive community

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Think about what contributes to a caring, supportive community. Any list would include the service clubs and the churches. Arguably, the press belong there. Near the top would be agencies like United Way and Community Care.

For decades Mike Puffer has played key roles in all of these.

Later this month, after 11 years as Executive-Director of the United Way and 14 years as Communications Officer with Community Care, Mike is “retiring” (more about the quotation marks later).

When I sit down with him it’s to hear some reflections on his professional and volunteer services. We meet upstairs at Remedy’s RX on Kent, the independent pharmacy owned and operated by his wife, Cathy.

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Disturbed by excessive car noise? Start letting police know

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Disturbed by excessive car noise? Start telling the police

What’s more annoying than excessively loud car or motorcycle noise?

Not much, for most people. And yet Kawartha Lakes Police Service write very few tickets for this infraction, mainly because most people don’t complain about it to them. So far in 2019, police have only issued two infraction notices for “unnecessary noise.”

Typically, police choose an “enforcement initiative” each month to concentrate on (distracted driving, impaired driving, etc.), choices that are often generated by concerns raised by the community, according to Sgt. Dave Murtha.

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New Lindsay transit route, expanded fleet, as part of new infrastructure money

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New Lindsay bus route, expanded fleet, as part of new infrastructure money

Lindsay Transit will be updating its fleet, adding a new route, creating bike racks on buses and upgrading transit software, among other changes after the Province announced new infrastructure funding.

Laurie Scott, minister of infrastructure, announced Kawartha Lakes has been nominated for funding under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). Ontario will be investing upwards of $790,000 to go towards new transit infrastructure projects.

The project is being nominated under the Public Transit stream of the ICIP, a 10-year, $30 billion fund created by Federal and Provincial levels of government to provide support to help municipalities repair or build critical infrastructure.

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Ready, set, grow: The challenge and promise of a bigger, better Kawartha Lakes

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Thousands of people are coming. Will we be ready?

Speak to any four people in the City of Kawartha Lakes about the prospect of growth and development and you are likely to get at least as many opinions.

Some will no doubt abhor the idea of more people, more traffic and less of the tranquility that they either grew up with or came here to enjoy. A business owner might say we need to grow and we need to grow fast to increase economic opportunity and wonder how we can increase employment. A parent with young children might suggest that we are growing too old as a community and ask about much-needed community amenities.

Still others might simply ask, ‘‘When is the Walmart coming?”

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New cannabis plant owner can’t prescribe medicinal marijuana: CPSO restrictions

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New cannabis plant owner can't prescribe medicinal marijuana: CPSO restrictions

Dr. Ghulam Khan, the psychiatrist who formed Fleetwood Pharmaceutical Inc. in Lindsay to eventually produce medicinal marijuana, cannot prescribe cannabis to his patients – a fact that will have no bearing on the development of the new cannabis plant, he says.

The Advocate has learned that on Sept. 14, 2017 several restrictions against Khan came into effect through the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario (CPSO). These included not being able to write prescriptions for cannabis, and that Khan had to “practise under the guidance of a Clinical Supervisor acceptable to the College for 12 months.”

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Summer Outreach Lunch Program provides 435 lunches in 6 days

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For some children, summer is not a fun time.  Many elementary aged children rely daily on their school’s Student Nutrition Program for a snack or meal throughout the school year.  In the summer, schools are closed for vacation.

To help those children who sometimes need a little bit more, The Salvation Army Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes Food Coalition, Kawartha Lakes Food Source, and the HKPR District Health Unit partnered together to make nutritious lunches for those who relied on school’s Student Nutrition Programs.  The Summer Outreach Lunch Program prepares and distributes lunches two days a week in July and August.

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Distracted driving: Stopping a serious problem one ticket at a time

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Police ride-along: Stopping distracted driving one ticket at a time
Const. Ken Downing of the Kawartha Lakes Police Service. Photos: Trevor Hutchinson.

Distracted driving is a serious problem on our roads. And the statistics are sobering. The RCMP reports that driver distraction is a factor in about four million motor vehicle crashes a year in North America. It is estimated that 80% of collisions and 65% or near crashes have some form of driver inattention as a contributing factor.

The Canadian Automobile Association reports that you are 23 times more likely to be in a collision if you are texting. Checking a text for five seconds at 90 km/hr is the equivalent to driving the length of a football field blindfolded. The OPP reports that distracted driving has been responsible for more fatalities than impaired driving in Canada since 2008. And the economic losses from distracted driving costs us 10 billion dollars a year or about 1% of our GDP.

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The coolest job in town

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The coolest job in town
Tyler England at the controls of an Olympia ice-resurfacing machine. Photo: Jamie Morris.

Summertime, and the livin’ for many of us is sweaty and uncomfortable. Then there are the lucky few who spend their days in refrigerated bliss. The list includes workers in the Kawartha Dairy ice cream production area, the Beer Store employees who restock shelves, butchers who are in and out of freezers.  

Most enviable, though, might be Tyler England, whose job includes maintaining the Lindsay Recreation Complex’s twin pad ice surface. For almost two years now he’s been one of nine who operate ice-resurfacing machines, sitting at the controls, systematically crisscrossing ice surfaces at the city’s nine arenas, leaving behind a slick of fresh ice. 

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Update on downtown parking strategy — to be complete by year’s end

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Council approves study for downtown parking

At the July 16 Council meeting, Council and staff received an update on the Downtown Parking Strategy for Lindsay, Fenelon Falls and Bobcaygeon that was launched in late 2018.

The purpose of the presentation was to provide a touch point for Council to learn of the study’s progress to date. IBI Group brought forward data gathered since the study commenced, including key findings and common themes heard from the public and stakeholders.
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Kawartha Lakes Pride celebrates fifth annual picnic event in Victoria Park

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Matthew Maddox, Carry Pearson, Pride organizers. Photos: Mallory Cramp-Waldinsperger.

A rainbow was already visible in Victoria Park before the rain this morning as members of the community gathered to celebrate the fifth annual Kawartha Lakes Pride Picnic. As the clouds gave way and the showers began, a canopy of rainbow umbrellas sprang open and the festivities continued.

Kawartha Lakes Pride organizer Matthew Maddox estimated that between 300-400 people attended today’s event. It was Maddox, along with his close friend Carry Pearson who decided to bring Pride to Lindsay, five years ago.

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