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Meals on Wheels may be the only social interaction some have on Christmas Day

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Art Myers, left, and Len Skelton, right, volunteers for Meals on Wheels.

It’s the time of year when we look ahead just a few weeks to the Christmas season. For many people, it’s a ‘warm and fuzzy’ exercise as they anticipate family gatherings and meals accented with laughter, merriment and reflections of their blessings. It’s not necessarily so for everyone, however.

As much as the holiday season can be heartwarming and positive for some, it also a very ‘blue’ time for others who may be without family and friends. Stress of the holidays can combine with circumstances that trigger sadness and melancholy instead of happiness and positive moods. Not everybody looks forward to the holidays, especially if it means being alone.

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One hundred days of school marked by 300 acts of kindness at Leslie Frost

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One hundred days of school marked by 300 acts of kindness at Leslie Frost
Teacher Sylvie Dugas and her Grade 1 and 2 students at Leslie Frost.

Teacher Sylvie Dugas couldn’t have known that trying out something new this year to celebrate the recent 100th day of school could yield such a cascade of positive energy.

And yet when she asked her 20 students to do five random acts of kindness in celebration of the 100th day of learning this year, two co-workers heard about the plan and ran with it, too.

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