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Letter from Ireland: Advocate’s Jamie Morris on being overseas in shadow of pandemic

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Irish literary giant, James Joyce. Photo: Jamie Morris.

You know the situation is dire when the Irish government shuts down the country’s 7,000 pubs just days before St. Patrick’s Day.

When my wife, Glenda, and I arrived in Dublin on March 3 there were two confirmed cases of COVID-19, both of them Irish citizens returned from Italy. As of today (March 17) the number stands at 223 confirmed and two deaths.

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Dutch concept of ‘Repair Cafe’ coming to Lindsay library

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Kawartha Lakes Public Library will be hosting the Repair Cafe Peterborough at the Lindsay branch library on Saturday June 22, from 1-4 pm.

Every day we throw away large amounts of items often just because they need a simple repair. It may be because we don’t have the right tool to fix it, or because we just don’t know how. The Repair Café can help you with this.

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Lifelong learning at your local library

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Mother Goose Program presented by EarlyON at Lindsay branch.

You’re never too young to learn, and with older kids back in school and settled into their classroom routines now is a good time to think about the resources on offer for pre-schoolers at that other educational institution, the Kawartha Lakes Public Library, where lifelong learning happens.

As Lyndsay Bowen, the library’s outreach and community engagement librarian (and a qualified teacher), notes, “children’s brains develop most rapidly between 0 and 5,” so it’s a crucial period and any young parent will tell you those first years are a challenging and constantly shifting terrain to navigate.

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New Kawartha Lakes Library specialist for outreach and community engagement

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Lyndsay Bowen: New Kawartha Lakes library specialist for outreach and community engagement
Lyndsay Bowen, Library Specialist, Outreach & Community Engagement.

Let’s imagine the ideal candidate for the newly-created position of ‘Library Specialist, Outreach & Community Engagement’ for the Kawartha Lakes Library system.

There are library branches in 14 communities distributed around the City’s 3,059 sq. km — so lots of communities to reach out to, engage and create programs for, and each community is unique. Our ideal candidate should know the Kawartha Lakes and understand the diverse needs of its communities.

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Less than quarter of City residents have library card; New CEO aims to change that

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New manager of public services would be an investment in our library
Kawartha Lakes Public Library, Lindsay. (Photo by Erin Smith.)

Only about 22 per cent of City residents have a library card – and that’s a statistic new CEO and library director for the City of Kawartha Lakes is intent on changing.

The Kawartha Lakes Public Library system will soon be undergoing a major outreach and community engagement initiative, with one of the primary goals to increase the number of library card holders, and to increase usage of its services.

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Armchair sports in Kawartha Lakes

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Columnist Jamie Morris staying safe while reading a sports classic.

With round-the -clock coverage of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and a recent visit from the Stanley Cup (courtesy of the Kawartha Museum and Art Gallery) sports are on our minds.

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Bridging the digital divide at your library

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Kawartha Lakes Libraries have great digital resources for the whole family.

If you are reading this you’re almost certainly on the “haves” side of the digital divide.

You have at least one computer, tablet or smartphone — you may even have all three. For a monthly fee a service provider connects you to all that the internet has to offer and to a community of other users.

You may also make monthly payments for additional streaming music or videos. And for sure you have the skills to use devices and navigate the web. (You found your way to The Lindsay Advocate website, didn’t you?)

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Cold enough for you? The library can help with more chills

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Cold enough for you? The library can help with more chills

With Environment Canada issuing almost daily extreme cold warnings, you may want to put up your feet and experience the bitter temperatures vicariously, from the comfort of an armchair, warming drink at hand.

The Kawartha Lakes libraries can help you with that. Here’s a sampling from the collection: a memoir,  a short story, and a film, all of which will supply chills aplenty.  

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New library CEO says libraries must remain community hubs

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Along the B.C. coastline, Jamie Anderson was no stranger to ferries and small airplanes as they skimmed across far-flung islands and coastal villages.

In his job as director of library services of Vancouver Island Regional Library, his area of responsibility included all of Vancouver Island, except for Victoria, as well as the whole, rural length of B.C.’s stunning coastline. In all, he had 39 branches he had responsibility over.

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