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LifeLabs $30 home visit fee an equity issue, says area residents and local health coalition

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LifeLabs $30 home visit fee an equity issue, says area woman

Laura LeMiere’s nana is 90-years-old and has limited mobility. When she required blood work to confirm a health concern, her options were clear – pay to have someone from LifeLabs come to her home, or face line-ups at the lab on Angeline Street in Lindsay.

Online booking is not an option for LeMiere’s nana without a computer or internet and booking an appointment by phone is often difficult due to wait times.

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Kawartha Lakes Health Coalition calls for better staffing levels in long-term care

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Karen Vaughan, a long-term care nurse, speaks at Victoria Park Thursday. Zac Miller, co-chair, KLHC stands to her right. Photo: William McGinn.

Joining their provincial and national counterparts to demand action on the state of long-term care, the Kawartha Lakes Health Coalition (KLHC) said staffing levels must improve.

The KLHC joined the Ontario Health Coalition in a “Day of Action” for long-term care across Canada, and demanded the Ford government take immediate action.

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Proposed changes to Ross worries KLHC; Nelson says Ross is ‘committed to community’

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Veronica Nelson, interim CEO of Ross Memorial Hospital.

Some recent and proposed changes to the governance model of the Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH) and the provincial act that legally establishes it, has Kawartha Lakes Health Coalition (KLHC) concerned about the future of the hospital and the direction it’s going with its governance model.

KLHC is a local chapter of the provincial health advocacy group known as the Ontario Health Coalition. In a press release issued earlier in the month, the KLHC outlined several concerns, notably the RMH board’s decision to eliminate community memberships and having the board elect itself. The KLHC is also worried about the language in the proposed special act that is to go before the provincial legislature that seems to some to open the door to a future merger or reduction of services.

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Kawartha Lakes Health Coalition wonders why Ross making key structural changes

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The Kawartha Lakes Health Coalition is looking for more community involvement on hospital changes.

From the Kawartha Lakes Health Coalition

On April 18 this year The Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH) posted a notice in the legal section of the weekly Metroland corporate newspaper. The notice stated that the hospital will apply to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to enact special legislation to change its  name to “Ross Memorial Hospital” (dropping “the”), as well as “change its objects, its powers, the composition of its board and membership, and to repeal certain existing Acts.”

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Kawartha Lakes Health Coalition concerned about Bill 74

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Blame Wynne for some of the doctor shortages that Kawartha Lakes facing

With over 100 residents who came to the Bill 74 Town Meeting on March 27, the Kawartha Lakes Health Coalition members and residents are growing concerned with the impacts of Bill 74.

This new legislation is being pushed through the legislature quickly, notes a press release, with an expected passage on April 10, just one day before budget day. As there is a PC majority, this bill will pass and the KLHC says it is prepared to fight the implementation of this massive restructuring of our health care system.

Executive director of the Ontario Health Coalition, Natalie Mehra, released a statement regarding the public hearings at the Standing Committee on Social Policy this morning.

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