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Tough to stomach? Cost of healthy eating remains out of reach for many in CKL

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Tough to stomach? Cost of healthy eating remains out of reach for many in CKL

New year, same result. That, in a nutshell, describes the ongoing challenges many families in the City of Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton County, and Northumberland County face to pay for healthy food.

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The Sitcom called ‘Living with Mom in Lindsay’

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The challenge has been for me to find some kind of existence...aside from the role of this Norman Bates Psycho situation.

Being a chauffeur is just one of my important jobs. There’s line cook, personal shopper, super snow-shoveller, not to mention a whole slew of Viking-like tasks and Herculean daily errands that come under the heading of “Welcome to the Mother and Son Show.”

This is life with mom.

I can’t be the only 50-something adult that is helping to look after his mother in small town Ontario. Where are you people?! We should have some kind of support group going! (Is there one? I don’t know as I’m too busy shovelling snow…)

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Bell Media lays off BOB’s morning show team, Dave Illman and Julie Corlett

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Long-time morning show hosts of BOB FM, Dave Illman and Julie Corlett, have been laid off in yet another example of apparent corporate cost-cutting. The Advocate has learned they were laid off as of today, Nov. 14.

In a written interview with the Advocate, Illman says it “was made very clear to us that there was no problem with our performance. Pure cost cutting. It happens a lot in radio these days.”

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Mayor says development charges should spur job creation for Kawartha Lakes

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At the November 5 public meeting, Kawartha Lakes Council heard from staff, consultants and members of the public about proposed changes to the Development Charges By-Law and related Policy.

The meeting began with a presentation that outlined the Development Charges Background Study prepared by Watson and Associates. The purpose of Development Charges (DCs) is to recover the capital costs associated with residential and non-residential growth within the municipality. DC revenue helps fund growth-related expansion of such services as water and wastewater facilities, roads and other infrastructure.

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Real-world experience: Employers won’t want to miss Experiential Learning Fair

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Real-world experience: Employers won’t want to miss Experiential Learning Fair

It’s the old adage we’ve all heard before. ‘I can’t get a job without experience and I can’t get any experience without a job.’ But what if that scenario was getting less true every day? What if experience – through experiential learning – was becoming the new norm? In recognition of this, the Workforce Development Board /Local Employment Planning Council (WDB/LEPC) has come together with their community partners to create the don’t-miss Experiential Learning Fair – Information Session & Trade Show in Peterborough on Friday Nov. 8.

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Time served: Those who have been incarcerated need fresh start

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Years ago on a Toronto subway, Lois Powers noticed a poster of a man leaving prison. The caption read: “Freedom. Now the punishment begins.”

Inspired by this powerful image, Powers went on to work for justice through various positions in social services, including the Toronto John Howard Society. Today she is the executive director of the John Howard Society (JHS) of Kawartha Lakes & Haliburton.

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RMH seeking broad input as CEO recruitment process enters next phase

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The Ross Memorial Hospital’s Board of Governors is pleased to report the progress of the Board’s search for the next President and CEO.

Ross Memorial’s Chief Operating Officer Veronica Nelson was appointed Interim President and CEO after former President and CEO, Dr. Bert Lauwers, announced he was leaving the role to take a position at the Scarborough Health Network.

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Advocate launches free job hosting platform for small businesses

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We have the readers; you have the jobs. The Lindsay Advocate wants to help our small businesses match their many opportunities with the right people.

That’s why we’ve created a free job board on our news site at on the right hand side (if viewing on a laptop or desktop.)

Simply click the poster graphic link (Have a Job Vacancy?) and fill in the short template. Your job will show up right above the graphic.

We’ll often feature those jobs on our Facebook page to further your reach.

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Quitting a job: What if you want to take it all back?

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New study shows major job and income challenges for Kawartha Lakes

Quitting is a normal part of any employment relationship. Any employee contemplating doing so will have hopefully made the right decision without feeling the sting of regret. Regret is a common consideration as resignations will often prompt questions related to “are you sure about this?” from an employer, and it turns out the response to that question could be critical.

At law a resignation must be ‘clear and unequivocal’ in consideration of all the contextual factors surrounding the resignation. This would make most employers feel confident that a resignation given in writing would be firm and enforceable. But a recent case from the Ontario Court of Appeal draws some uncertainty into such a situation.

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New cannabis plant owner can’t prescribe medicinal marijuana: CPSO restrictions

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New cannabis plant owner can't prescribe medicinal marijuana: CPSO restrictions

Dr. Ghulam Khan, the psychiatrist who formed Fleetwood Pharmaceutical Inc. in Lindsay to eventually produce medicinal marijuana, cannot prescribe cannabis to his patients – a fact that will have no bearing on the development of the new cannabis plant, he says.

The Advocate has learned that on Sept. 14, 2017 several restrictions against Khan came into effect through the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario (CPSO). These included not being able to write prescriptions for cannabis, and that Khan had to “practise under the guidance of a Clinical Supervisor acceptable to the College for 12 months.”

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