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How I’ll be voting in this federal election

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How I’ll be voting in this federal election

Like millions of other Canadians this month, I’ll be voting for a local candidate to represent my interests in Parliament.

If I lived in 1950s or 1960s Canada, my choice might be different than it will be this month. Back then, the business world worked closely with governments to help co-construct a society worth living in for each of us. ‘Open for business’ back then actually meant something because big business was a reliable partner that paid a living wage to its employees.

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Feed Ontario, Food Source, say loss of research about basic income is costly

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Poverty costs Ontario somewhere between $27.1 – $33 billion each year. Feed Ontario’s most recent report, The Cost of Poverty in Ontario, offers an explanation as to why and how “poverty reduction is not only possible – it pays off.”

While governments estimate the cost of poverty by calculating dollars spent on programs and services for the poor, this report locates the cost of poverty in the increased health and justice system expenses incurred, and loss of tax revenue and by maintaining people in a state of poverty. Those living on low income experience poorer health for a host of reasons, including inadequate housing, less access to medicine, and less access to quality food. The result? An estimated cost of $3.9 billion to our health care system.

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