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Man versus Squirrel: The epic battles

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A squirrel on a large bin of "squirrel-proof" bird feeder parts. Photo: Jamie Morris.

Any gardener or homeowner with an attic or an interest in feeding birds will tell you it’s a daunting instance of Man vs. Nature.

An unequal contest, really. On one side, you have a creature capable of scrambling both up and down vertical surfaces (its back feet can rotate 180 degrees), tight-roping across clotheslines or fences and sliding headfirst down wires, a creature that can launch into the air, cling tenaciously, and use its dexterous claws and sharp teeth to have its way.

Above all, you have a highly-motivated creature with a single-minded determination to sniff out, seize and literally squirrel away food, and a will to squeeze its way into cozy nesting spots.

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Four projects showcase Fleming as leader in environmental, natural sciences

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Fleming continues to show leadership in environmental sciences. Photo: Marcy Adzich.

School’s not yet out at Fleming College’s Frost Campus where the summer semester is just now winding down for some students in Fish & Wildlife, Ecosystem Management, Forestry, and Heavy Equipment, and where environmental  projects have been on the go all summer.

Maybe because the campus is on the edge of town, what happens there often passes unnoticed. Too bad, because what happens is cutting-edge and inspiring environmental action.

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The aliens are here: Invasive Dog-Strangling Vine threatens Lindsay’s ecosystem

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After a quick summer stroll through downtown Lindsay, one can see that this little town of ours is full of life. Trees and flowering plants take refuge on lawns and in neighbouring yards, and yet some of those plants are less than welcome. Dog-Strangling Vine is a highly invasive species which was introduced from Eurasia to the United States as a garden plant in the mid-1800s.

Now, in the 21st century, it has become increasingly prolific in Southern Ontario, competing with native plant species that are essential food sources for our insects, birds, and mammals. For those who can recognize its characteristic oval-shaped leaves, arranged in pairs on its fleshy stem, and seed pods which resemble green chili peppers, it is a frightful addition to Lindsay’s list of flora.

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Fleming’s sustainable agriculture program sees big increase in international students

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Roderick Benns recently interviewed Brett Goodwin, the dean at Fleming College’s Frost Campus in Lindsay, about the huge rise in popularity of its sustainable agriculture program. 

Benns: The rise in the number of international students at Fleming is considerable. In the sustainable agriculture program, for instance, I believe 75-80 out of 87 students were international last year. We’ve heard some concerns that the infrastructure at the college is not keeping up with what is needed in the program (such as the calibre of the greenhouse facilities or specially customized classroom spaces). Are you challenged by this influx and what has (or what can) the college do to help with this?

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See the local TransCanada Trail with fresh eyes this Canada Day

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See the local TransCanada Trail with fresh eyes this Canada Day
The first of three free photography workshops for seniors sponsored by the Kawartha TransCanada Trail Association. Photo: Ruth Tait.

The TransCanada Trail (now officially the ‘Great Trail’) stretches some 24,000 km, winding through all 13 provinces and territories and stitching our country together, ocean to ocean to ocean. But sometimes it pays to think small; within any few metres of our own Kawartha section you’ll find photo opportunities. You just have to slow down and look with fresh eyes. That was the lesson of the first of three free photography workshops for seniors sponsored by the Kawartha TransCanada Trail Association.

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Apple Blossom Festival in Kawartha Lakes promises magical outdoor experience

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Apple Blossom Festival in Kawartha Lakes promises magical outdoor experience
Pauline Kiely with Monty. (Photo by Fred Thornhill Photography.)

There’s no reason to venture outside of Kawartha Lakes this May long weekend with an incredible new Apple Blossom Festival in full swing for the whole family.

Set on a beautiful old Irish farm called Dromoland (named after a castle in Ireland) in the Valentia-Little Britain area, Dromoland is “our own little castle,” according to owners Pauline Kiely and Michael Bryant.

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Can you dig it? Community Garden looking for more gardeners

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Stutt’s Garden of Weedin’

Sign posted on John Stutt’s Community Garden Plot

Don’t let anyone tell you vegetable gardening is without effort — that you just scatter seeds and stand back as your vegetables and herbs burst from the soil. Preparing the bed, planting, weeding and watering is physical work.

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Fleming College attracts student from India who may now want to grow roots in Canada

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Randeep Kush at Hill’s Florist & Greenhouses, Lindsay.

If you drop in to Hill’s Florist & Greenhouses, a family business with deep local roots and extensive community connections, you might meet up with a comparatively recent transplant from India. His name is Randeep Kush.

Randeep is acting as Roger Hill’s greenhouse supervisor, so it’s somewhere in that 25,000 square foot space you’d be most likely to find him.

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Fleming president talks skills training, better connections with employers

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Fleming president talks skills training, better connections with employers
From left to right: Scott Robertson, Mike Perry, Tony Tilly, Marlene Morrison Nicholls, Peter Thomas.

Tony Tilly, president of Fleming College, was recently the guest speaker at a round table discussion hosted by the Lindsay and District Chamber of Commerce.

Tilly made a short presentation on how Fleming – and Frost Campus in particular – has been playing a key role in specialized education the Lindsay area, before taking questions from community members.

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Register for 25th Annual Kawartha Woodlot Conference

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Photo: Jerry Holder.

With only a month to go before the 25th Annual Kawartha Woodlot Conference being held in Lindsay, organizers say now is a great time to register for the event.

Held at Fleming College’s Frost Campus on Feb. 10, the annual woodlot conference brings together experts, innovators, woodlot owners and managers and more for this one-day event.

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