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Ontario government opens ‘fall harvest’ on cormorant

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Ontario government opens 'fall harvest' on cormorant

The Ontario government says it’s taking steps to protect fish stocks and natural habitat “from the harmful impacts of double-crested cormorants” by introducing a fall harvest for the species.

The harvest will help address concerns about impacts to local ecosystems by cormorants, a bird that preys on fish, eating a pound a day, and that can damage trees in which they nest and roost, according to a media release from the province.

The announcement was made today by John Yakabuski, minister of natural resources and forestry.

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What’s going on with Lake Scugog’s walleye?

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What's going on with Lake Scugog's walleye?

The City of Kawartha Lakes was not idly named. The lakes and rivers that crisscross our landscape are a hub for year-round recreation and chief among these pastimes is fishing.

On Lake Scugog, especially, anglers have long been a common sight from ice through open water, flocking from all around to wet a line in the lake’s tea-stained waters. In 2016, however, this story changed after the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) placed a year-round closure on Lake Scugog’s walleye fishery.

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Learning from the first ‘farmers’ how to save the earth

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There is something about a drive through the country that is deeply satisfying. Green fields divided by tree lines or split rail fences. The occasional dry stone wall. Cattle or sheep dotted in the fields and cozy farmhouses flanked by wooden barns. An idyllic picture of a pastoral farming way of life.

When the first settlers came to Canada and encountered the Indigenous people of these lands, they did not realize that the land they were looking at also reflected a pastoral, farming way of life. There was so much lush greenery. The woods seems so thick and the animals so abundant. This was nothing like the farms they had left behind in England and France and Spain. This land didn’t appear to be managed. It didn’t look controlled. And it certainly didn’t look as though anyone was trying to raise crops or breed animals.

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Let’s Go Fishing! Celebrations revives classic spring tradition for families

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Lindsay is known as a great thoroughfare to the lakes and rivers of Kawartha Lakes for top-notch fishing, whether by boat or from the shore. Fishing is also a great way to enjoy the company of young and old. As a pastime, or sport fishing, it is another way to experience our great outdoors and see Lindsay from a different vantage point.

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