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Denis Grignon

Wanted: Farmers with innovative ideas – who need to money to make them happen

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When Jack Roks sees the large towers where Mariposa Dairy puts its milk, he’s reminded of how a small, innovative idea can become a thriving international business.

“Mariposa (Dairy) started out in someone’s kitchen and now produces goat cheese for Canada (and the U.S.),” says Roks, president of the Community Foundation of Kawartha Lakes.

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Podcast Teaser: Podcast host gets the shot – now braces for aftermath conversations

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I got my shot. I got my shot. I got my shot.

I’ve been repeating that statement, often, ever since I, well, got my shot last week. I say it with a lot of gratitude, humility and no small amount of amazement. That latter part is fuelled mostly by the speed with which science – populated by some of the smartest, most learned science people on the planet – created my shot. Created many shots. Everyone’s shot. I’ve never doubted its safety, its effectiveness, its ability to help shepherd us out of all this. Not once.

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Comedian comes home, virtually, for special fundraiser

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It’s a bit misleading – but very very funny.

“I’m a bit of hillbilly” professional standup comedian Rebecca Reeds confesses to her audience in “Buddy,” her debut CD.

“People always think I have an accent…that I’m from somewhere cool,” continues Reed, who grew up in Lindsay and still has family here. “They always ask, ‘Where’s that accent from?’ And I just tell them it’s from a lack of education.”

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