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Environmental Youth Hero Award recipients recognized

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Dunsford students Leah Connor, Jake Connor and Mattie Ariza, for their environmental project titled “Operation Garbage Pickers.” With Pat Warren and Tracy Richardson.

During the week of June 24, Kawartha Lakes Environmental Advisory Committee recognized students across the municipality for their exemplary efforts toward enhancing and protecting the environment in the current school year (2018 to 2019). A total of three awards were presented to students ranging from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 7.

The first Environmental Youth Hero award was presented to Alexis Benns, a Grade 7 student at Central Senior Public School, who was nominated for her efforts in raising awareness on climate change by organizing community marches. Alexis felt compelled to take action on her own because of her recent studies of the impacts that climate change is having on the environment. On March 15 and May 3, Ms. Benns was able to organize two marches that involved not only students from multiple schools within the area, but members of the community as well.

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Putting the carbon tax through the spin cycle

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In 1946 George Orwell, the writer of 1984 wrote in his seminal Politics and the English Language that, “When one watches some tired hack on the platform mechanically repeating the familiar phrases … one often has a curious feeling that one is not watching a live human being but some kind of dummy, the appropriate noises are coming out of his larynx, but his brain his not involved.”

But who is this Orwell? He probably took courses at university that were not tied to ‘performance outcomes’! He merely warned generations of the dangers of totalitarianism. Clearly not a man who was ‘open for business.’

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‘We want change:’ Student activists demand climate change action in strike

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Several major cities across Canada saw climate strikes similar to this one. Photo: Mallory Cramp-Waldinsperger.

They may not be old enough to vote, but a group of students made their voices loud and clear in today’s climate strike. What began as a handful of Central Senior Public School students gathering at Victoria Park quickly grew to a swarm of approximately 70 protesters.

As they marched down Kent Street in downtown Lindsay today, the students, accompanied by several adult supporters carried handmade signs with slogans like “The sea is rising, so are we,” and “Planet over profit.”

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Healthy Environment Plan 18 months in the making

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Holding the Healthy Environment Plan: Tracy Richardson, Councillor, Denise Williams, Project Lead.

The Healthy Environment Plan has been 18 months in the making, involving a 60-member working group and consultations with more than 2,600 community members.

Council Champion Tracy Richardson kicked off the presentation by sharing that “the Healthy Environment Plan is a transformational plan that maps out high-level strategies for reducing greenhouse gasses over the next 10 years. It addresses changes in our growing seasons, droughts, flooding, impact of freeze-thaw cycles and warmer lake temperatures. This is a community plan; it was created with the community and will be carried out by all of us as we seek to cope with climate change adaptation and mitigation.”

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Take the climate change quiz for Kawartha Lakes

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How much do you know about climate change and how it’s affecting us here in the City of Kawartha Lakes? Test yourself by taking this quiz, based on a presentation made to council by Deb Pearson and Ginny Colling, members of the Kawartha Lakes Environmental Advisory Committee who’ve taken on climate change education as their mission.

Note: For some questions there may be more than one correct answer. Answers (and some explanations of the connections to climate change) are at the end.

  1. Since 2001 how many of the hottest years on record have occurred? a) 3; b) 10; c) 15; d) 17


  1. What is the main source and cause of rising global temperatures? a) Burning of fossil fuels; b) Agricultural practices; c) Forest burning; d) Naturally-occurring CO2

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An inconvenient column: Local climate change educators walk the talk

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An inconvenient column: Local climate change educators walk the talk
Deborah Pearson, left, Ginny Colling, right. Ardent environmentalists who think globally and act locally.

When I meet with Deborah Pearson and Ginny Colling it’s over herbal tea and Mickael’s day-olds, and their only pressing deadline is a sleep yoga workshop, starting in an hour-and-a-half.

So, after busy professional careers — for Deborah 30 years of elementary school teaching (mostly with the Trillium Board, but also in Canada’s sub-arctic and in Europe), and for Ginny 29 years teaching Journalism and Public Relations at Durham College  — this is the retirement lifestyle that fills their days?

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