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City of Kawartha Lakes

Support local truck drivers by letting them use essential services’ washrooms, city says

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During this COVID-19 emergency, the city is urging gas stations, restaurants providing take-out and others, to show their support to truck drivers by letting them stop to rest, get gas and use washrooms.

“They deserve our support, respect and thanks for ensuring we can feed our families and have access to necessary items,” says a press release from the city.

“From retail workers to healthcare professionals to truck drivers, the City of Kawartha Lakes is reaching out” to thank service providers for their service. Truck drivers from across Canada and here in Kawartha Lakes have continued to work long hours and days to deliver food, equipment and essential supplies to Canadian families.”

As essential workers, Kawartha Lakes “thanks all the women and men who drive trucks, who have helped us protect Canadians and keep our economy moving. During this critical time, the services of truck drivers and other front-line workers are most appreciated.”

Kawartha Lakes also urges community members to show their support by social distancing, self-isolating and quarantining when necessary.

By continuing to stay at home, wash your hands and follow the advice of the Government of Ontario, the community of Kawartha Lakes can keep each other safe, “including our front-line workers.”

For municipal information, visit COVID-19 Information.

Q & A with health unit: Pinecrest Nursing Home challenged by small size in COVID-19 outbreak

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On March 20, the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit announced that three residents of the Pinecrest Nursing Home in Bobcaygeon had tested positive for COVID-19.

The tests came after the Health Unit declared a respiratory outbreak at the facility on March 18 and tests were done on three symptomatic residents. As of the information available on March 26, there have been 14 staff members confirmed as COVID-19 positive, and four who have had negative results. Test results are still expected for 16 staff.

While no additional residents were tested, 35 others did develop symptoms and two of those residents have
died – one on Tuesday night and the other on Wednesday.

Q. How many staff have been tested? How many confirmed?

Beginning March 20, the day we were advised that COVID-19 was confirmed in three residents in the Pinecrest Nursing Home, symptomatic staff were already off work and were advised to be tested and to self-isolate. To date, we have received test results for 18 symptomatic staff. All other results are pending.

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Kawartha Lakes declares state of emergency

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Mayor Andy Letham has enacted a declaration of a state of emergency. This decision is in line with the previous Provincial declaration. It will allow the municipality to mobilize local resources where needed to support front line health care partners and emergency services to support the COVID-19 pandemic efforts.

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Mayor apologizes for bill-paying faux pas; implores travellers to stay home

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Earlier this morning I wrote a piece that criticized the City of Kawartha Lakes for their tone deaf messaging yesterday regarding the payment of municipal taxes and utilities.

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City’s announcement on bill paying was ‘clear and cold’

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Feed Ontario, Food Source, say loss of research about basic income is costly
Tax payments and utilities payments “must be received in our office on or before the due date.

On a day like yesterday (Thursday, March 19), when so many Kawartha Lakes residents were dealing with being laid off or having reduced work hours; when business owners were frantically trying to figure out next steps as many of them were closing; when families were huddled together just trying to deal with the new emotional and financial reality of social distancing and all the worries that come with it, the City of Kawartha Lakes took time to make an important announcement about COVID-19.

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All-female economic development department moves Kawartha Lakes forward

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All-female economic development department moves Kawartha Lakes forward
Rebecca Mustard, Carlie Arbour, Kelly Maloney, Lindsey Schoenmakers, Laurie McCarthy.

Just inside the doors of the city’s economic development department is a cluster of framed photos depicting the nine people who work there.

It’s conspicuous not just because the photos are an unexpected touch for a department that some might assume would be a little rigid and dry (just how exciting could “economic development” really be?) but rather because since 2018 there hasn’t been a single man to be seen on that wall.

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What’s up downtown? Time to show our retailers how much we support them

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What’s up downtown? Time to show our retailers how much we support them
This brand new downtown will be something to be proud of. Photo: Sienna Frost.

This is the time of year that seems like winter will never end. Since the rush of the holiday shoppers ended in January, and with various types of winter weather being heaped on us over and over again, it’s difficult for most to be motivated to spend much of their time outside.

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Andrew Rafton named as paramedic chief; other committee highlights

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Andrew Rafton was appointed to paramedics chief, after serving as acting chief for the last several months.

Rafton has served Kawartha Lakes Paramedics for over 18 years and will serve as chief for the remainder of 2020, after which he plans to retire and a new chief will be appointed.

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Trash talk: A plastic waste challenge

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From L to R: Jamie Morris, Sylvia Keesmaat, Councillor Tracy Richardson, Ginny Colling, and Deb Pearson.

Last year, more than 917 tonnes of plastic was collected from our 38,000 households in Kawartha Lakes. That’s the calculation of Kerry Snoddy, whose forbidding job title is City of Kawartha Lakes waste management regulatory compliance officer.

It’s so easy for each of us to produce heaping, full bins of plastic waste. Reducing plastics to the absolute minimum? Much more difficult.

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BIA concedes challenging years ahead but lots to celebrate, too

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BIA concedes challenging years ahead but lots to celebrate, too
Lindsay's downtown is under reconstruction for two years. Photo: Roderick Benns.

Absent at a recent BIA meeting were the angry rants and finger-wagging at business leaders and city officials that one might have expected, given the looming major downtown reconstruction. Instead, the tone and atmosphere was mostly buoyant.

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