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Transportation and child care: Key barriers to work in Kawartha Lakes

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Transportation and child care: Key barriers to work in Kawartha Lakes
A lack of affordable or flexible childcare is another employment barrier here.

Until his work accident, ‘Tom’ had always had regular employment. Deemed medically unfit to work by a team of doctors, and denied WSIB benefits, Tom had to sell his possessions and eventually the family vehicle to feed his family.

He had to move from Lindsay to a rural part of the city in search of less expensive rent. Finally cleared to return to work, Tom faced what employment professionals call a ‘barrier’ to work.

“The (time off from the) accident had used up every available dollar I could borrow from friends and family. I had already sold anything of value. I needed a car to get a job. And I needed a job to get a car. I was in this feedback loop of failure,” he says.

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Universal dental care and pharmacare part of NDP pledge

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Three community groups — The Access to Permanent Housing Committee, the Kawartha Lakes Food Coalition and the Haliburton County FoodNet – posed questions on poverty, housing, and food insecurity to candidates in Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock running for office in this provincial election. In this installment, we hear from NDP candidate, Zac Miller. 

What will your party do to increase and maintain access to affordable, safe housing, in addition to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Canada-Ontario Investment in Affordable Housing Agreement?

Miller: The NDP will sign onto the National Housing Strategy and over a 10 year commitment, build 65,000 new affordable housing units. We will build 30,000 supportive housing units with an immediate investment of $1.4 billion to build 12,000 within our first mandate. New Democrats will also fund the province’s one-third share of the costs of social housing repairs.

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