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City supports two year trial program for urban chicken coops

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Urban dwellers in Kawartha Lakes who have an interest in raising their own chickens for meat and eggs will soon be getting their opportunity.

Council has approved a recommendation from bylaw enforcement to re-write the existing rules that prohibit this activity and implement a two-year trial program that will license 50 different urban sites across the city. At the end of the two-year pilot, bylaw enforcement will compile data and report to the city about the viability of extending and expanding the program.

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Charitable road tolls and backyard chickens: Council presentation

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Aaron Sloan, manager of municipal law enforcement for Kawartha Lakes, had charitable toll roads and chickens on his mind in a recent presentation to council.

Charitable road tolls are typically when a group of people takes over a major intersection in Lindsay and when the flow of traffic allows, solicits donations from the people waiting to drive through.

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Flying the coop: Time to change bylaw on backyard chickens, woman says

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Heather Lamb, Levi, and two chickens.

Once upon a 100-acre farm, there where many ducks and chickens, each of them with their own silly personality. Chewy, a 6-year-old ermine attack survivor, with her own distinctive chatter, has always been my special girl, having been a house hen for months of recovery.

I lived on that farm in the Fenelon Falls area quite happily for many years. Growing my own food has always been a passion for as long as I can remember. Playing in the dirt keeps me grounded. It’s great exercise, and it’s gratifying to harvest what I’ve grown. Fresh veggies from the garden also help lower the grocery bill.

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