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Recognizing the person behind the outstretched hand

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I appreciated Nancy Payne’s article on panhandling and felt that it was thoughtful and fair.

But one point worth adding is that it’s helpful to imagine things from the point of view of the panhandler.

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A sustainable solution for your used shoes

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Janice Carr Soles 4 Souls

BioPed Lindsay is calling all Kawartha Lakes residents to put their best foot forward by donating used shoes for a good cause.

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City to consider CHEST fund money for local charities

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When the town of Lindsay sold their hydro-electric company decades ago to Ontario Hydro there was a decision made that the money made from that sale should be invested for the benefit of the community.

Town council made a decision that every year a portion of that investment plus interest would be doled out to assist worthy groups planning capital projects of significance that would benefit residents of Lindsay proper.

In the many years since that wise investment was made, millions of dollars have been distributed to assist community based organizations that provide programs, projects, services or activities that enhance the quality of life for residents in the areas of health, arts, culture, leisure, heritage, education and the environment.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters presents four bands in event at Lindsay fairgrounds

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Raising money for charitable organizations is a tough job in the best of times. During a pandemic when finances are tight, it takes on a new level of difficulty for an organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kawartha Lakes–Haliburton which does not receive any government funding at all.

Fortunately, creativity is never in short supply amongst groups that rely on donations for their survival, and Janice Balfour, executive director of that organization recently announced a unique fund-raising event.

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Charity or justice? The society we want means choices must be made

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We are all linked together, one and all, by our belief that we should treat each other well.

Back in October I asked the federal candidates a simple question during the televised debates. Do you believe in charity or do you believe in justice?

In other words, how best can we meet our needs as a society? Is it through better social policies so that no one is left behind, or is it through a belief and expectation that someone else will be there to help out if it’s really needed? (“Someone” generally being charities and church efforts.)

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Faithful giving at St. Thomas Aquinas

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Students provided donations geared to the age of the children, as well as items for the family as a whole.

True to its commitment to not only providing education, but also to helping its students live out their faith, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School in Lindsay has just wrapped up a campaign that saw the school community providing gifts for families in need.

As part of the school’s ‘Be an Angel’ program, the families were identified by St. Vincent de Paul, the Roman Catholic charity, and assigned to the school for some seasonal kindness.

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Boots of Hazard takes on ‘21 Charities’ in 21 days

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Boots of Hazard takes on ‘21 Charities’ in 21 days

Musicians on a mission. Two Canadian musicians have put together an ambitious and creative plan to help local charities.

Brooks Robinson and Dennis Carmichael have gotten many requests for charity gigs and they liked the idea of ‘paying it forward.’

The two performers will help raise money for 21 charities over a span of 21 days, in 21 different venues. This amazing networking and musical marathon will conclude on the evening of their 21st performance with a charity gala at The Academy Theatre.

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Generosity, justice and the basic income guarantee

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I was talking about the basic income guarantee to a couple of friends and one of them commented on how the fundraising done for local agencies such as the food bank, the school nutrition program, or the heat bank brings the community together. She was right; events that raise money for important causes do foster community.

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