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Sheltering at home means a chance to observe our birds of Kawartha Lakes

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Sheltering at home means a chance to observe our birds of Kawartha Lakes
The pileated woodpecker is found all over Kawartha Lakes in forests and even backyards.

I was out of breath as I burst through the door. “Kids, come quick,” I managed to gasp out. “There’s a couple of sandhill cranes in the neighbour’s field!”

My daughter lazily turned the page of her book and, without looking up, said with the patience of youth, “Mom, calm down, we’ve seen them lots of times before.”

I could feel my lecturing voice come on. “Maybe you don’t realize it, but I was 40 years old before I saw a sandhill crane for the first time …”

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Carden Alvar Nature Photography a fantastic opportunity for nature lovers

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Capture the rare birds, wildflowers, and unique landscape. Photo: Ginny Moore.

As the City of Kawartha Lakes defines it, experiential tourism is a form of travel in which the visitor goes beyond the usual mass tourism draws and participates in activities that enable them to experience a place by directly connecting to its history, people and culture.

Visitors can learn new skills, participate in local projects, or work with local masters to create their own masterpiece. By engaging with the locals, visitors experience the authentic hands-on dimensions of a place and its people through storytelling, delicious food and sights that turn to memories to last a lifetime.

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