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Kitchen says he used the name ‘City of Kawartha Lakes’ to attract investment

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Kitchen says he used the name ‘City of Kawartha Lakes’ to attract investment,

Commissioner Harry Kitchen called the controversy around the renaming of Victoria County “his one regret” with the amalgamation report he issued in 2000.

In a telephone interview with The Advocate Kitchen said,” I wish I had spelled out in the report why I named it what I did. The choice of the new name was not clearly explained. For the sake of a couple of paragraphs the reasoning should have been covered.”

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Amalgamation: All for one, one for all

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Farm country, Canadian Shield…anything but “cottage country”

Twenty years ago this month, Victoria County ceased to exist. In its place the City of Kawartha Lakes was born, as vast and rural as the county ever was, dotted with a postcard town and attractive villages.

As our municipal affairs writer, Kirk Winter, soon found when he put together this month’s feature story, the imposed single-tier amalgamation of Victoria County was a watershed moment in local municipal affairs.

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Amalgamation 20 years later: Victoria County’s demise still rankles many rural constituents

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Amalgamation 20 years later: Decision to dissolve Victoria County still rankles many rural constituents
"Sometimes we need to focus on what we have, not what we don't," says Coun. Tracy Richardson. Photo: Erin Burrell.

It was perhaps the most divisive political debate in this area since self-government in 1863. Amalgamation — the forced bringing together of the constituent parts of the old Victoria County 20 years ago this month – is a word that still triggers much debate and tests professional relationships to this day.

The fissures still run deep, particularly amongst those over the age of 50. Many knowledgeable individuals who were there two decades ago have died, developed sudden political amnesia, or refused to become engaged in a retrospective of an issue they wish would just disappear.

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Ross Memorial will NOT amalgamate with Peterborough Regional Health Centre

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The Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) board has accepted a Ross Memorial Hospital and Peterborough Regional Health Centre decision to not proceed with a proposal to amalgamate the two hospital sites.

“Having examined opportunities for integration over the past six months, the boards of both Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH) and Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) have mutually agreed that, at this time, they will not proceed with the proposal laid out in their June 2018 Directional Plan to integrate the two hospitals into one organization with two sites, a decision accepted by the Board of the Central East Local Health Integration Network (Central East LHIN) at the LHIN’s October 31st Board meeting.

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Council moves from 16 to 8 councillors in retooling of City’s political structure

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The new boundaries kick in for the next election in October 2018.

The City of Kawartha Lakes will shrink the number of councillors from 16 to eight in time for the next election, locking in savings of about $109,000 annually.

That’s despite an $11,000 increase to councillors’ salaries which will rise from about $30,500 a year right now to $41,000 in the new term.

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