Students take climate change action to the streets

By Roderick Benns

Students take climate change action to the streets

Scores of students streamed out of school and into civic action in Lindsay and Fenelon Falls today to demand action on climate change, just as Sweden’s Greta Thunberg led tens of thousands in Montreal.

They streamed out of I.E. Weldon Secondary School, LCVI, and Central Senior Public School, as well as many more in Fenelon Falls, to demand governments take legislative action to halt man-made climate change. They were joined by allies in the community of all ages who were clearly excited by the energy and persistence of the students.

In Lindsay, a representative from each school spoke for a couple of minutes to the assembled crowd, including Sidney Worden from I.E. Weldon, Logan Gerzymisch from LCVI, and Alexis Benns from Central Senior.

City of Kawartha Lakes Councillor Tracy Richardson also addressed the crowd.

After brief remarks students walked peacefully along Kent Street toward MPP Laurie Scott’s office, pausing momentarily at federal Liberal Candidate, Judi Forbe’s office. Forbes also attended some of the rally.

Once at Scott’s office students gathered and cheered as car after car honked in support of their cause.

The actions that students took in Kawartha Lakes today paralleled the millions of young people and their allies around the world who demanded governments do more to halt climate change, including the creation of tougher emissions for corporations.

Lindsay was one of 74 places across Canada to take part in a global climate strike in March, which was also spearheaded by students.

For more images from today’s strike, see the The Lindsay Advocate’s Facebook page.

*(Full disclosure: Alexis Benns is the daughter of Advocate owners Roderick Benns and Joli Scheidler-Benns.)

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