Stories from Kawartha Lakes – podcast teaser    

By Denis Grignon

It’s been a few years since Denis Grignon played pick-up hockey on a regular basis.

Post Office Memories

I gasped a few days ago, driving through my old neighbourhood and past what was once Reaboro’s de-facto epicentre: the local post office, which the hamlet’s beloved matriarch, Norma Jean Sutton, operated from her kitchen for more than 50 years until her passing a few months ago.

In the front yard of the cozy two-storey home sat, perfectly straight and bold, a “For Sale” sign.

I gasped a second time as I approached and noticed the “Sold” banner across the sign, at an angle, as if to proclaim, “Yup, this happened quickly.”

It was a reminder that life changes, evolves. For some, more quickly, more easily than others. But it’s equally important to cherish those memories, those stories that shape and define us. Norma Jean’s impact on her community in the eastern part of Kawartha Lakes was featured in episode 10. ()

The Academy Theatre

In the newest episode found here , Paul Skipworth shares his story with The Academy Theatre. It’s a many-decades-long relationship that was nurtured from the audience, as a patron – but also from the stage, as a performer. I met with Paul for only about an hour at his home in Lindsay. But there’s a warmth and welcoming charm to him that when I next bump into him in town, I’m not sure I can’t not call out to him by his familiar nickname: “Skip.”

Ballyduff Trails

Coincidentally, Skip is the same age as Ralph McKim, whom you’ll also hear in episode 17. It took a bit to draw it out of the humble McKim, but Affable Ralph does eventually explain why he and Jean Garsonnin opened up their pastoral Ballyduff Trails near Bethany to the public.

Education first when talking COVID rules

As numbers continue to rise – (and I don’t really have to say what numbers, right?) – physical distance rules not only have to be respected, they have to be enforced. Sergeant Dave Murtha of the Kawartha Lakes Police Service explains the KLPS’s education-first approach to this.

Between the Pipes

I stopped playing hockey, except for the occasional last-minute fill-in gig between the pipes, a few years ago. Honestly, I haven’t really missed it. That is, until I spoke to Matt Van Kessel whose Baptist Church League is back on the ice at the Rec Centre after a long absence. Even with the strict new rules, Matt’s enthusiasm, which is the show’s lead interview, is infectious – and might just make me pull the cobwebs off those pads. Thanks for that, Matt.

Uh, I think.


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