Sibling teen musicians looking for more band members

By Lindsay Advocate

Amanda and John, the sibling teens who can often be seen and heard playing local coffee houses and festivals, are looking for more band mates.

The duo is looking to add a bass guitarist, a drummer, and keyboardist for a full-band sound, according to Shannon Regular, mother of Amanda and John.

Amanda 15, and John, 14, “want to start making original music,” says Regular.

“The sound of a band is more ‘full’ so when they do some gigs like festivals it’s better,” she explains.

Amanda and John have done gigs at Ramada Inn Jackson Point, Fenelon Falls Brewery, the Bobcaygeon Fair beer tasting event, Kawartha Coffee, The Locker in Cannington , CJ Barley’s in Keswick, Bala Cranberry Festival, Bailey’s Homestead in Keswick, Peterborough Vegfest, Cave B Winery in Seattle, Washington, and many benefit concerts.

If you are interested in playing a role with the band call Shannon Regular at 289-338-1982.

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