Show us the GO bus, Laurie Scott

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Laurie Scott, MPP, I received your newsletter. On your list you say you want to support health and long-term care, local businesses, and local infrastructure.

I would like to know what you mean by infrastructure. For more than 10 years many people in our city are looking for a GO bus connection. Not everybody in this city owns a half-ton truck or SUV to drive to Peterborough or Toronto for a medical appointment. Our town of more than 21,000 people is growing. We need transportation! Beaverton, Cannington, Sunderland are connected to a GO bus, why not Lindsay?

Gunter Schubert, Lindsay

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  1. Mr. Schubert is absolutely right! Lindsay needs GO service. After I moved to Lindsay 5 years ago I was shocked to discover the nearest GO bus connection was 30 kilometers away on Hwy 35. Lindsay keeps getting short-changed, maybe because Laurie Scott and the Conservatives take our votes for granted.

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