Seniors for Climate Action Now (SCAN!) organizes in Kawartha Lakes

By Lindsay Advocate

“This climate crisis is our generation’s legacy, but it doesn’t have to be our grandkids’ future," says SCAN! Kawartha member Sherry Hillman. File photo.

By David Rapaport

Seniors in Kawartha Lakes are organizing to urge all levels of government to take immediate action to effectively address the climate emergency. There is now a local Kawartha Lakes chapter of Seniors for Climate Action Now! (SCAN!). SCAN! was formed just three years ago and has grown rapidly, with chapters in several cities across Ontario. It has organized webinars, petitions, and rallies, often in coalition with other environment and Indigenous groups, to raise awareness about the cause of the climate crisis and alternatives, and to pressure governments to take the bold action needed.

“This climate crisis is our generation’s legacy, but it doesn’t have to be our grandkids’ future. There are viable alternatives to fossil fuels,” says SCAN! Kawartha member Sherry Hillman. “That’s what motivates us.”

This summer we have all watched wildfires burn millions of hectares of forest across Canada, with cities and towns evacuated, families left homeless, creating dangerous air quality alerts for our largest cities hundreds of miles from the fires, and floods devastating homes and infrastructure in Atlantic Canada. And we have been alarmed by the inadequate response of our governments. While most do acknowledge that the cause is climate change caused by fossil fuel emissions, little is being done to stop it. Their focus is limited to emergency relief and emission targets in the distant future. Meanwhile oceans warm, polar ice caps melt and sea levels rise at alarming and unprecedented rates.

SCAN! member George Hewison paraphrased climate activist Greta Thunberg, saying, “Canada is burning – our governments must act like it.”

Rather than despair about the accelerating climate emergency, SCAN! Kawartha members are doing something about it. “We are joining the Global Day of Action on September 17, calling for an end to fossil fuels before it is too late,” announced Hillman.

The rally in Lindsay will start at Victoria Park at 2 p.m. and march to MPP Laurie Scott’s constituency office. Everyone – all ages – is invited to participate. For more information visit, or contact SCAN! Kawartha at .


  1. Wallace says:

    There are viable alternatives to fossil fuels,” says SCAN! Kawartha member Sherry Hillman.—– wrong. Also, seniors are one of the groups who die off in record numbers when fossil fuels are limited. If I was the age of the members of this group, I’d be thanking my lucky stars I have access to fossil fuels. And you quote Greta Thunberg ?? She recently deleted a tweet she posted 5 years ago saying ‘we only have 5 years left’ . STOP THE FEAR MONGERING

  2. Joshua J. says:

    Climate catastrophism is what terminology that should be used, not climate change.
    When the eco extremists say “climate change” they’re not simply talking about climate change, they’re referring to climate catastrophism and so that’s how they should phrase it.

    Climate change itself is as old as time, and nobody in the history of humankind has denied that fact… But the eco extremists aren’t referring to actual climate change, they’re referring to their catastrophism ideology.
    Let me remind people, the human population is on the precipes of crossing 8B people, an all time record.
    If this climate catastrophism nonsense were actually true, the population numbers would be going down, not up.

    Furthermore, just as one glaring example, temperatures in the Artic were up to 19C warmer than present times, 2 million years ago, and it was absolutely teaming with plant and animal life (study published in Journal Nature).
    Never mind 2-3C of warming, we’ve already seen exactly what temperatures the earth and its species can withstand, all you have to do is look back in history (far beyond the industrial revolution time period) to see without any doubt, that plants and animals have survived 10x the catastrophist climate scenarios being used to steer the climate agenda of today.

    Please, use common sense, and most of all, actual history (things that have actually happened) to guide your views.
    Ignore the propaganda of current times if it doesn’t align with history and real world outcomes.

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